27 Modern Living Room Ideas for a Contemporary Yet Timeless Feel

Blur boundaries by painting rooms the same color, or employ different shades of a similar color with slight tonal variations. You could use pale yellow, golden yellow, and cream in one room. If the adjacent room is scheduled for a fix-up at a later date, consider it in your initial plans when picking paint or fabric. If you’re hoping to eventually add rooms or remodel other areas of the house, be careful not to put structural elements or plumbing in places that will obstruct future endeavors.

  • Just choose one that goes with your personality and makes you happy.
  • “Wood can bring warmth, depth, and an intimate feel that creates a serene scene,” she says.
  • Many of next year’s best looks are easy to DIY, meaning you can exercise your creativityand save cash while making your space covetable and conversation-worthy.
  • Faux greenery is not like it used to be, and there are so many chic options for faux plants that not only look realistic, but will brighten up any room.
  • By incorporating cottagecore into your home, you can enjoy a simpler life without the downsides of stepping back in time.
  • Tiles make their way out of the bathroom and into dining rooms, living rooms, and even on walls.

Purchase several and scatter them throughout the house so that the entire family stays nice and comfortable. When designing any rustic space, say bye-bye to blinds and introduce beautiful curtains instead. You can’t go wrong with a nature-inspired fabric pattern featuring florals or leaves. Jute rugs complement so many different aesthetics and look fantastic in rustic style rooms. They’re durable, easy to clean, and make for a great base if you wish to layer another style of rug on top.

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Modern cottage style is a cozy, welcoming, and nostalgic style trend that mixes traditional and farmhouse elements but gives them a slightly more romantic feel. “Navy blue provides the perfect amount of contrast for interiors and exteriors in both traditional and modern home styles,” says interior designer Kerrie Kelly, founder of Kerrie Kelly Design Lab. “Whether a kitchen island gets a quick upgrade or a room gets a dramatic new look with contrasting white trim and woodwork, the shade provides a stately look without going completely black,” she says. A forecast led by interior designers with a pulse on trends that will be shaping the upcoming year, and beyond. Use your bedroom as a canvas for an assortment of prints and patterns.

  • Designate a serene corner in your home to embody the rich traditions of Japanese culture with a tea ceremony space.
  • When carving out a living area, especially in an open-concept layout, use rugs to define the space from the rest of the home.
  • Design studio Sella Concept drenched this room floor-to-ceiling in FTT-001™ to great effect; it’s a space that feels modern but enticing.

While a side table might have a drinking glass picked up and put down on its top twenty times a day, items like picture frames, clocks and candle holders rarely need adjusting. Choose the styles that speak to you, and personalize your home with just a few thoughtful additions. As nature awakens outside, reference it indoors with decor pieces made from natural materials. This grouping of ceramics, woven pieces, and carved wood work well together not only because of their matching color palette, but also because they all reference nature in some way. Lean art against a wall, inside a shelf, or even in the kitchen to temporarily add a dash of spring to your home. Here, a large floral art piece leans against the backsplash, bringing color and seasonal cheer.

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From navy paint to floral wallpaper, these are the trends experts say will be huge. Though usually reserved for cottage style, flowers can offer a coastal design, depending on the flower’s species. Valerie Grant Interiors created a family room with a playful art collage behind the sectional. Pops of natural elements like wood—better yet, a boat frame made of wood—work just as well.