42 Spring Decorating Ideas to Freshen Up Your Home


On the other side of the same room by Arbor & Co., the team kept things simple to keep the focus on the fireplace. But simple doesn’t mean boring—take a look at the layered rugs. Black and white is a color combination that will never go out of style.

  • This living room mixes marble and brick, which adds a rustic touch to an otherwise glam fireplace.
  • Other popular architectural styles in Texas are Spanish Mission, Craftsman, Queen Anne, Bungalow, Farmhouse, Mid-Century Modern, Spanish Revival, Southwestern, and Hill Country German.
  • Make your small front porch feel welcoming and inviting with a few simple decor touches.
  • “When we were designing this space, we knew we needed more light so adding a large skylight was our first priority,” the team behind Arbor & Co. says.

Kay is a designer turned author, marketer, storyteller, and influencer. A sixth-generation Texan, Kay is both an authority as well as being passionate about sharing her home state of Texas’s diverse culture and lifestyle. Kay is a content writer and editor of content for various local and national online publications. Dallas, Texas NeighborhoodsNewer homes in the Dallas, Fort Worth Metroplex tend to have high-pitched roofs, with multi-levels and brick exteriors. However, the Dallas area has a multitude of architectural styles ranging from Mid-century Modern to Mediterranean Revival.

Nostalgic Design

Art and decor is personal and should reflect your tastes and sensibilities; forget the rules. Hollywood Regency Style is an American design style that was born in Hollywood, CA, during the Golden Age of cinema in the 20th century. An eclectic interior combines styles and periods to create rule-breaking rooms that are personal and full of visual interest. Feel free to mix and match patterns, colors, forms, and finishes. Decorate with global elements and unexpected pieces that tell a story only you can tell.

In this kids room from Sissy + Marley Interior Design, transparent acrylic shelving keeps books organized and on display to encourage reading and decorate the walls at the same time. Heather Hilliard Design added some 20th century nostalgia to this contemporary living room with a giant piece of colorful pop art over the minimalist fireplace mantel. Interior designer Ghislaine Vinas hung a blown up page from one of the world’s favorite children’s books to decorate the hallway outside a kids room in the most adorable way possible.

Style Your Fireplace

From our range of bespoke, affordable kitchenware collections through to our elevated and timeless decorative options, DeCasa has everything you need to make your home a space where everyone belongs. From the scatter cushions and pillowson the bed to the carefully chosen artwork on the walls to the tiles in the model home kitchens, every detail makes you want to live there. So take note from the professionals and ensure your home is not so perfect it feels unreal – take heed of Lagom, show your home some love, and snuggle up. Decorating a home should include the final cherries on top and the big ticket items, so make sure you budget for the dressing part and include them on your shopping list.

  • You can use any circular object to create a rustic wreath for Fall!
  • The most common — incandescent bulbs — have a tungsten filament and produce a yellowish white light.
  • Turn a woven basket into a side table by setting it between two accent chairs and placing a small tray on top.
  • Mix and match pieces from different eras, or commit to a palette and fill your space with it.

Create equally awesome outdoor spaces with a dining area, a vintage Mexican fire pit, and stamped concrete for those backyard BBQs and other outdoor events. Tie the outside with the interior, using greenery and other natural elements, as well as touches of floral and metal accent pieces. A mixture of rustic, modern, and industrial elements is common in Texas-inspired homes.