45 Primary Bathroom Ideas Designs for Main Bathrooms

Repurposing vintage furniture is a wonderful way to a create fun, unique and affordable focal point in a bathroom. ‘It is also a great way of giving furniture a second life and saving it from landfill, which is so much better for the environment,’ says Barrie Cutchie, design director at BC Designs. Just like brick, concrete wasn’t always something that was meant to be seen inside of a home. Yet these days, cool polished concrete can be a stunning addition to your interior and a creative way to add a surprisingly calming element to your bathroom that can even look like marble if done right. Vintage fireplaces often boast gorgeous carved and inlaid details which will make one a stunning addition to your space. If a real fireplace won’t work in your bathroom, then you can still get the same look with a faux fireplace or simply an attractive fireplace mantel.

  • With bathroom renovation ideas, there are endless colors to choose from.
  • This bathroom design by K Shan Design perfectly blends contemporary with nautical style.
  • Modern bathrooms often include polished nickel or matte black hardware, but opting for brass can provide much-needed warmth.
  • It features built-in custom cabinets, a custom-designed tub area to house amazing plants, and beautiful red onyx for a splash of color.
  • Her charming collection is characterized by flowing transitions and curves.
  • Family bathroom ideas need to work hard, providing a functional space that is used by several people but which can also become a calming, peaceful haven when necessary.

Identify the placement of essential elements like the bathtub/shower, toilet, and vanity to create a logical flow. Keep in mind the space required for comfortable movement and access to each fixture. Keep the color palette light and neutral to create an illusion of openness. Use light and neutral colors for walls, flooring and fixtures to make the bathroom appear more spacious and airy. A well-designed master bathroom is more than just a functional space. It’s a sanctuary that can elevate the ambiance of your entire home.

Freestanding Tub with Black Faucet Kit and Concrete Walls

It might sound counterintuitive, but maintaining some classic original features will make your contemporary bathroom sing. Kate Marker Interiors paired a light wood and marble sink vanity with vertical shiplap walls and herringbone hardwood floors. When possible, carve space out of walls to create built-in storage niches and cubbies that won’t encroach on the room like bulky cabinets.

  • If your bathroom backs onto a secluded outdoor space, why not make use of this extra square footage and extend your bathroom into the wild exterior.
  • Mosaic tiles are great for shower enclosures as it is easier to get the sloped angle you need towards the drain.
  • Flooring matters, too, and can even serve as a focal point of this high-function space.
  • Nevertheless, focusing too much on future-proofing your designs tends to backfire not too long after the dust has settled.
  • Another prominent trend in European bathroom design involves the use of natural materials such as wood, stone, ceramics, glass, metals, and natural fabrics.

Choosing the right fixtures and decor that fits the traditional standards is somewhat tricky. For instance, some people try to use furniture pieces built in the 1800s and end up paying through their noses. Instead, they could use pieces that are manufactured today and still pay homage to a particular era, without crossing into contemporary bathroom style. So, without further ado, let’s jump straight to essential elements of a traditional bathroom style. In this expert guide, we share our best tips on how to put together a traditional bathroom.

Shower Wall Tiles

Bathroom tiles have an important role to play in the room’s design – and not just because they provide a practical solution to keeping walls and floors protected from soap and splashes. Up to recently, small bathroom ideas always required a compromise – often with the bathtub becoming the first victim in the battle for space – not to mention issues arising from lack of storage. But the latest modern fixtures and fittings can still create a luxurious bathroom from minimal square footage.

  • The surprising pattern lends some character to an otherwise plain wall.
  • In this Greenwich Village studio, William Cullum made the ultimate statement with electric pink walls and a matching marbled shower curtain, courtesy of Voutsa.
  • For a real splash of drama, consider tiling the ceiling above the shower too.
  • The bathroom’s owner likely requested a glass-enclosed shower to use the space better.
  • The primary bathroom of this Gatsby-era mansion is as dapper as its homeowner, ELLE DECOR A-List designer Alfredo Paredes.

This three-piece coordinated bathroom set transforms any space with its traditional crafted feel. The tray is a perfect place to keep track of rings and small jewelry when you wash your hands or take a shower. When you need to fit a full bath’s features into a small amount of space, it helps to choose scaled-down pieces that fit the space. Choosing smaller fixtures can help to ensure you’ll be able to fit a toilet, sink, and shower into a small space. The “three-in-a-row” layout is a standard setup for a 5×8 bathroom.