48 Modern Bathroom Ideas for a Spa-Like Escape


Making one feature the focal point of the bathroom requires a balancing other fixtures as well. When designing a bathroom, sit down and make a list of those things you must have, those things that would be nice to have, and those things you don’t need. ‘In small rooms it is possible to turn the whole area into a walk-in shower. However, it is best to be mindful of the items in the bathroom that need to be kept dry, such as towels and toilet rolls. ‘Wet room systems are not limited to incremental sizing, like shower trays often are, so they are a great solution for awkward or tight spaces.

Use warm wood, add a couple of lush green plants, and try to include natural touches like sand, pebbles, and water. Zen bathrooms work best in large areas with open space and natural light. Other bathroom remodeling ideas for small bathrooms include positioning the bathtub parallel to the toilet and adding overhead storage to maximize vertical space. A bathroom remodel in a small space needs to include plenty of light.

A Single-Occupant Bathroom Stall

The full bath, featuring a sink, toilet and a bath/shower combination. If you’re brand new to 3D design software and need an inexpensive solution for 1 or 2 small projects, this could be the one. Cedreo is quickly becoming the top choice for many design professionals due to its perfect blend of simplicity and sophistication. It caters to the needs of professionals like you who require a tool that is both powerful in features and easy to master. With Cedreo, you can swiftly move from conceptual sketches to fully-rendered 3D models, thanks to its intuitive interface and powerful tools.

  • Interior designer Maite Granda used the ledge created by the hidden plumbing behind the toilet to display art, plants, and decorative items.
  • Art Fricke is a home renovation and repair specialist and the owner of Art Tile & Renovation based in Austin, Texas.
  • Angular elements, shiny fixtures and finishes, and a simple floral splash thanks to a potted orchid is all this space needs to shine.
  • This efficient layout is a common option for oddly-shaped rooms where a bathtub simply won’t fit.