64 Wallpaper Ideas That Will Dress Up Your Walls

An electrician’s labor is fairly expensive so it’s backward economy to buy anything less than the best quality and most wanted fixtures you can afford. Color, texture, and patterns lend personality to a room, but lighting is crucial. You can single-handedly destroy the soothing comfort of a bedroom with harsh overhead lights or diminish the excitement of a play room with soft, fuzzy lighting. Fabric is an age-old wall treatment, too — from vibrant wall hangings to voluminous curtains suspended from rods affixed just below the ceiling.

  • The addition of simple draperies and a textured macrame wall hanging help bring a contemporary touch to a Craftsman home.
  • Mission Style HomeTexas Mission-style homes were brought here by the Spanish settlers.
  • Prioritize essential items, opt for DIY projects, compare prices, and look for sales to save money.
  • With unique and modern designs, as well as one-of-a-kind, handcrafted pieces, Domi Home Bali has something to match every interior style.
  • If you’re new to plants, try some easy ones, like the golden pothos.

Including handmade crafts like pottery, textiles, or tapestries will further enhance the Indian feel in your home. Hanging lanterns are another popular choice for traditional Indian home decor. These lanterns, known as “jharokha,” serve both functional and decorative purposes. They come in various shapes, sizes, and materials such as metal, glass, or fabric. Hanging lanterns can be suspended from ceilings or placed on walls to create an enchanting ambiance. Traditionally, these lanterns were lit with candles or oil lamps, but modern versions often use electric bulbs for convenience.

The Top Design Trends You’ll Be Seeing in Living Rooms Next Year

As per Vastu expert Ashna Ddhannak, Vastu plants play an important role to energise the surroundings. So grow these indoor plants to bring in money and positivity in your home. This home by Studio Emfiz is inspired by Scandinavian minimalism, European colour palettes and native elements.

  • With personally curated art and emblems of her childhood, Aahana Kumra’s home, designed by Shireen Mahna, is at once trad and tony.
  • Organize your storage spaces, get rid of unnecessary items, and create a system to manage clutter in the future.
  • You could explore and review their products through our online catalog which be updated regularly.
  • Decorate your front porch with oversized bunches of dried hydrangea flowers for a natural feel.
  • Here, floor-length curtains and mismatched florals conjure up country cottage style.

Jacqueline Blum Design installed a sleek black linear fireplace on a gray herringbone pattern tile wall in this contemporary space that can be enjoyed from both the bathtub and the bed. In a cabin interior, embrace rustic finishes for an authentic and cozy feel. Instead of trying to make an old brick fireplace look perfect, use a limewash or concrete skim coat on it instead to add character, like this space from Leanne Ford Interiors. Give your powder room its own personality with bold wallpaper that brings color and pattern to the space, offering you and your guests a change of scene. Feel free to take risks in this small space that you might not dare to in a more heavily trafficked area. Decorate a dark corner of your home with mirrors that will reflect light and double views.