75 Kitchen Ideas for Every Layout and Style

And it plays nicely off the blue archway that connects the kitchen to the rest of the apartment. Natural wood features, such as shelving or countertops, are often paired with sleek glossy cabinets in contemporary kitchens, as shown in this bold kitchen byAtticus & Milo. Besides being attractive, the slick cabinet surfaces are easy to keep clean. Custom wood cabinets stained black set the tone for this contemporary kitchen by Space Craft Joinery.

  • In this kitchen, the golden hues of the cabinets are kissed by the caress of natural light, creating a space that feels like an eternal spring.
  • The addition of a few natural elements and the blend of textures keep the space feel as warm and inviting as it would if the kitchen were brighter.
  • Whether you opt for traditional tansu cabinets or modern-day adaptations, Japanese kitchen cabinets are sure to enhance the aesthetics of your kitchen and enrich your cooking experience.
  • They are also one of the most sustainable kitchen ideas as they allow you to shake things up when the mood takes you without the need to remove a fitted design.

Other folks embrace minimalism as being a visual decor punctured by plain, flat front cabinetry and magnificent stone waterfall islands. We believe that the concept is about having an uncluttered & modest room with budget kitchen essentials. Even those preoccupied with maximalist style have their very own distinctive take on the simplified kitchen area. We’re right here to sort out a broad range of styles that encapsulate the minimalist kitchen area. You will concur that periodicals feature this style of kitchen design. Cabinetry & Design by GBS created a kitchen that is both incredibly cozy and cutting-edge.


The island countertop has gently rounded edges that soften the space and complement curvy upholstered bar stools. Larger kitchens with two islands signifies a reimagining of the traditional kitchen layout, providing homeowners with spacious and multifaceted culinary hubs. The presence of dual islands enhances efficiency by offering dedicated zones for different tasks, fostering seamless meal preparation and entertainment. Although white cabinets are a classic look that can be used in almost any kind of kitchen style, we are slowly starting to see them on the way out! To break up the all-white kitchen expect to see islands in a variety of different paint colors or wood stain colors. The mixing of finishes create a needed accent piece and additional pops-of-color for the brave of heart.

Many other kitchen designs appeared during the 1980s, but these are some of the most popular. The cabinets were usually made out of wood, and it was common to see them with a built-in oven and stove. Explore our stunning new flat lay concepts, designed to inspire your dream kitchen. Visit a Farquhar Kitchens showroom and discover the perfect combination of styles and finishes for your home renovation. As a market leader, Farquhar Kitchens offer amazing quality service and value.