75 Kitchen Ideas for Every Layout and Style

The case could be made that the red 1953 Chambers stove is the room’s focal point, though the eye can’t help but dart between that appliance, the yellow Bruno Rey chairs, and the Farrow & Ball Cook’s Blue trim. And though the lilac Pyrolave countertops offer throwback charm, they are thoroughly contemporary—and surprisingly even incorporate volcanic lava stone. For design enthusiasts, it’s the Alessi tea kettle with bird whistle, famously designed by Michael Graves, that likely makes this image worthy of a double take. But beyond the photo’s foreground and nearby fruit bowl is a richly layered scene to unpack. A painted black-and-gray shelf houses a cloisonné bowl and various Chinese decorative arts works.


Many period homes suffer from a lack of light and space – or indeed from unattractive additions – so a well-planned extension can transform the flow and feel. If you are struggling for cooking and dining space, creating a bigger kitchen with side extension ideas could be the answer. If you have an unused downstairs closet, alcove or vacant box room downstairs, turning it into a purpose-built walk-in larder is a great way of utilizing it and will free-up cupboard space in the main kitchen.

Kitchen Design with Japanese Style Elements

A modern light fixture above the table brings the look into the 21st century. A mix of light and dark finishes combine with shimmering metallic accents for a kitchen design idea that’s dripping with glamour. Gold tiles against a white backdrop heighten the drama—as do the shiny silver legs on the island.Rich wood cabinetswarm up the shiny finishes.

  • For our latest lookbook, we’ve collected eight dining rooms and kitchens characterised by their use of natural materials to create tactile interiors with earthy hues.
  • The ability to try out various layouts to find out what truly works reduces the pressure to get your kitchen right first time.
  • The dark-brown wood, commonly used in Scandinavian kitchens, contrasts against the grey concrete walls of the former pencil factory and is complimented by glass cabinets and a marble benchtop.
  • Your home’s real estate value can be increased due to a well-designed kitchen, and it’s a great selling feature to highlight if you’re considering renting or selling your home.
  • The kitchen inDiane Keaton’s Bel Air home that AD toured in 2005 is nothing if not an exercise in collage.

Built-in appliances are an excellent choice for individuals looking for methods to save home space. It is possible to have a handy spice rack installed within the cabinetry of your kitchen if you are a gourmet cook. You can give your cupboards a deeper depth, a taller height, or a larger width than typical cabinets.

With the same floor plan, we can deliver the same look-and-feel at different price points to suit your home budget.

On the other hand, if you’re the type of person who prefers quick and easy meals, then a smaller kitchen with fewer appliances might be more suitable for your needs. We do have to clean the space so often because of all the oil, smoke and grime that are natural outcomes of our kind of cooking. Additionally, back-painted glass looks seamless and is much cheaper than most tiles, making it a good option for kitchen designs in India.

  • ‘Granite – as a natural material, each slab of granite will be unique, ideal if you want an individual look with a timeless sense of beauty.
  • “The use of metal appliances, wood tones, and reclaimed oak for the cabinetry captured this industrial feel,” says Regan Baker, founder and principal designer atRegan Baker Design.
  • One of the most popular modern kitchen designs in South Africa includes the matte black cabinetry for that chic, sultry finish.