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Or stretching out in a deep tub ensconced in swirling marble walls? Extraordinary features like these can transform an ordinary, utilitarian bathroom into an ultraspecial space you never want to leave. There are many design options available that incorporate accessibility features while still maintaining a modern and stylish look. A professional designer can help you create a beautiful and functional accessible bathroom design.


From elaborate showers to designer fixtures and fittings, luxury bathrooms are being designed with meticulous attention to detail and style. Make a tiny bathroom feel like a relaxing oasis by combining earthy elements like wood tones, dark greens, metals, and a live plant. Take a page from this Ohana model ATU tiny home built by Paradise Tiny Homes and add a stone-inspired vessel sink to pull the aesthetic together.

Choose furniture in natural materials

Plants add beauty to the home, so what better place to display them than the bathroom? This bathroom has the perfect ledge to display multiple indoor plants. If you love spending time soaking in a bath, adding a fiddle leaf is a great way to enjoy nature indoors while adding a stunning design feature. If you’ve ever traveled to Europe, chances are you’ve come across a bidet in hotels or homes. Resembling a toilet, it’s used for washing instead of waste disposal.

For a minimalist update that adds a layer of interest without dominating the scheme, create a backsplash with neutral-colored tiles around your bathroom mirror or sink. Complement the daily ritual of cleansing with a fresh white bathroom scheme. Versatile, space-enhancing, and light-reflecting, ever-stylish white works harmoniously in all styles of interior. Create a crisp, minimalist aesthetic with cool tones, or lighten the mood with warm off-whites in darker spaces. Let striking bathroom tile ideas pave the way to a refreshed space – whether you’re tiling bathroom walls, floors or both. “While it is not always an option, raising the ceilings in a small bathroom can give the illusion that the space is larger than it is,” Savannah Phillips, interior designer for The Knobs Company, says.

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Skip the tiles or paint on one wall and replace with a wall mirror. Mirrors reflect light around the room and visually widen narrow spaces. To start, clear any unnecessary clutter or find spaces where it can be hidden out of sight. The days of all-white or light-toned bathrooms are slowly coming to an end. With homeowners becoming more and more confident with bolder hues, the trend is shifting towards colors such as jewel tones or moody shades like charcoal, purple, pewter green, or even black.

  • “If raising the ceiling isn’t an option, another thing you can do to make a small bathroom appear larger is to recess all of the mirrors and any closets that you can.”
  • Features like a glass-enclosed shower, sleek built-in tub, and modern vanity help make this bathroom a clean and contemporary space.
  • Underfloor heating is an excellent choice when considering wet room ideas, as it speeds up the drying process after bathing.
  • Whether it’s too small, too dark, or simply too cluttered, there are bathroom remodel ideas you can pull off even if you’re not a celebrity or influencer to get the spa-like primary bathroom you deserve.