Bathroom Layout 101: A Guide to Planning Your Dream Bathroom


Its ability to handle complex designs with precision makes it a go-to software for professional 3D architects and experienced designers. However, beginners or those looking for a simpler, more straightforward tool might find SketchUp’s advanced features and learning curve a bit daunting. RoomSketcher is a solid choice for real estate agents, interior decorators and DIY home renovators who want to create quick visualizations of interior spaces like bathrooms.

  • These features promote independence, reduce the risk of accidents, and create a more inclusive space for individuals with mobility challenges.
  • These interior textured tiles are available in 13 contemporary wall designs.
  • Soak away the stresses of the day, with the ultimate indulgence – a decadently deep, freestanding bath, that adds a sense of grandeur, whilst making the most elegant focal point.
  • This can hinder the ability to create truly unique and personalized bathroom designs.

Examples around the globe demonstrate that it is possible to build attractive and affordable facilities. Not your office business, not your business, not THE business, but doing the business. I have been looking at a wide variety of books lately both from my library and on the internet. In my recent online perusal, I came across this book … Public Restroom Design by Jacky Suchail . This book leads me to think about my work and the number of public use restrooms I have designed in my 20 years of practice thus far. Even when I omit those I have designed for educational facilities, which is quite numerous, I am still in the double digits for public restroom projects.

Bathroom Designs in India—Top 10 Bathroom Designs

Adding marble for your minimalist and modern bathroom will instantly inject an elegant and luxurious look while maintaining the thoroughly clean lines and uncluttered design of minimalism. One of the first steps during your bathroom renovation journey is to think about what type of flooring a bathroom design you want to achieve. Porcelain, natural stone, terracotta are all possible bathroom floor tile ideas that provide a luxurious yet practical flooring design. Our bathroom designers recommend taking practicality into consideration when designing your bathroom floor. Avoid materials that are unsuitable for wet environments such as wood flooring.

Yellow-orange, yellow, and yellow-green, in tones from cantaloupe to honeydew melon, make a cheery and refreshing spot. Cool colors like blue, green, and violet absorb light and recede from the viewer, making the item or wall seem farther away and smaller. Warm colors, such as red, orange, or yellow, reflect light and advance toward the viewer, making the item or wall seem closer and larger. The same goes for pastel versions of these tones — pink, coral, peach, and cream — but the effect is modified by how much white is in the mix. Pale pink won’t come at you the way hot pink will, but it still imparts a sense of warmth.

Modern Marble Bathroom

Furthermore, at this stage, you should select windows and doors for the virtual bathroom. They are all available at the special library of design elements. It means a bathroom planner gives you a chance to actually build the dream bathroom with just a few clicks! There is no longer a need for huge paper plans and endless discussions with a designer while planning your bathroom.

  • In the events you want to be able to wind down and take a relaxing bath or shower.
  • Try to avoid dark colours as a major part of your bathroom colour unless it is for complementing other colours as it would make you feel very congested.
  • Contemporary bathroom vanities don’t need much dressing up, so keeping other bathroom decor to a minimum is ideal.