What is Memorial Day? True meaning and difference from Veterans Day


Mark the location of doors and windows, traffic zones, architectural features, electrical outlets, and heating sources. A dozen little furnishings afloat in a big — or even a little — room end up looking like clutter as the eye darts from one object to the next. In fact, a few larger-scale pieces can actually make a tiny room appear grander. So they don’t get lost, group small furnishings together in a large room.

  • Emily Henderson Design chose a neutral gray rug to complement natural wood flooring and white painting railings, columns, and beadboard ceilings.
  • The skilled craftsmanship reflects the island’s spiritual and cultural heritage, creating a visual narrative that transports your living spaces to the vibrant and artistic world of Bali.
  • The King William District is the perfect example of German architecture, and the homes are lovely.
  • We’ve tried out the Pottery Barn Faux Alpaca Throw for ourselves and appreciated its lightweight and soft texture.

For the minimalist at heart, abstract wood art pieces, displaying geometric shapes or unique patterns, create a striking visual impact while maintaining a warm and cozy feel. By incorporating natural elements into your Mexican home decor, you can create a space that is not only visually appealing but also brings a sense of tranquility and connection to the outdoors. Whether it’s the vibrant colors of tropical plants or the earthy textures of wood and stone, these natural elements will help you achieve a balanced and harmonious Mexican decor theme. One of the easiest ways to bring natural elements into your Mexican home decor is by adding tropical plants.

Steal Like an Artist

Save space and create an airy feel in a modern bedroom with floating nightstands. Desiree Burns Interiors paired a light wood nightstand with clean lines with a drawer to hide clutter, leaving the top as a display space for greens and decor objects. Take a maximalist approach when decorating a blank staircase wall for a warm and eclectic feel.