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While some stick to a specific kitchen design style throughout their entire space, we love when a single room boasts a variety of décor elements. This traditional kitchen in a modern color, looks unique with contemporary clear stools and rustic wooden touches. This setup with white cabinets, white tile backsplash and marble countertops, contrasted with black hardware and stove hood, is sure to look stylish for years to come. The truth is even open concept designs have a way of making kitchens feel claustrophobic with overhead cabinets, stove ranges and U-shaped layouts. This modern setup feels truly open, confining everything to a single island design. However, with seating on one side, a built-in gas stovetop, sink, and storage below, you won’t feel like you’re missing anything.

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  • Rusty-shaded terracotta can be a handy tool for making the kitchen a more welcoming environment with a touch of Mediterranean warmth.
  • When planning the layout of a kitchen, consider both aesthetics and function to create a balance that enhances the joy and ease of cooking while also meeting the needs of your lifestyle.
  • We also partner with the best contractors for kitchen remodeling projects to achieve high-quality work.

Black and blue are the primary colors in this urban kitchenby Black Lacquer Design. The marble countertops seep with a dramatic pattern that’s sleek and modern. Another exciting feature is the modern glass door refrigerator, which puts its contents on display.

Pink Kitchen Ideas

If neon yellow is overstimulating, try painting your kitchen cabinets in a soft pastel yellow instead, like this kitchen from Forge and Bow Dwellings. Having a few glass-front cabinets in your kitchen allows visitors to locate what they need while allowing you to display your favorite dishes. Plus, it can be aesthetically pleasing if you love keeping your cabinets perfectly organized. Cathie Hong Interiors gave this California kitchen a Scandi-style inspired refresh by painting the existing cabinetry in a mix of soft gray and white.

  • Yuuna is a bicultural interior designer born in Japan and raised in the US.
  • Kitchens will continue to require extra worktop space for home workers who may not have a home office, making way for laptops and monitors and even spaces for craft making.
  • Neutral colors ease the eyes when time spent in the kitchen increases.
  • To help you out, we’ve compiled a collection of 20 minimalist kitchens for you to peruse.