Complete Guide to Bathroom Design & Bathroom Trends 2023


This enhances the design process and allows for any necessary adjustments before implementation. The main challenge you’ll face with a basement bathroom is the lack of natural lighting. To get around this, fit large mirrors to reflect light around the room. A yellow bathroom decor will brighten up your space and create a cheerful happy feel.

Heated seats, Toto Washlet loos, and bidets are also in high demand, as are water filters, air purifiers, and heated floors. “The feeling of warmth that hits your feet first thing in the morning is the ultimate indulgence,” says Mondi. The technical storage or access that is used exclusively for anonymous statistical purposes. The Houzz Pro 3D Planning Tool is particularly suited for professionals who need an all-encompassing software that helps with design while also streamlining client management and marketing. However, if you’re primarily looking for a straightforward design tool, the comprehensive nature and cost of Houzz Pro might be more than what you need.

Natural Stone Walls

However, for more comprehensive interior bathroom remodels and detailed customization, Magicplan might not offer the necessary depth. Chief Architect is on-premise software known for its robust capabilities in home design and architectural projects. It offers advanced features that cater to professional architects and designers, making it ideal for comprehensive and detailed bathroom designs when they’re part of larger projects.. SketchUp is an excellent choice for professionals who need of a powerful and highly customizable tool for their bathroom design projects.

  • Some ways you can add an extra bathroom is turning an adjacent box room into an en suite.
  • Discover our inspiration hub for the latest trends, ideas and real Ripples bathrooms.
  • As with any room, the solution comes as a combination of task and ambient lighting.
  • Choose a compatible plain tile for most of the installation, and save the custom pieces for eye-level areas such as the backsplash or a border around a window.

While a clay-white color veils the entire space, the many layers of texture and shape ensure visual intrigue. The cedar Ofuro tub made by Zen Bathworks in Alaska stands out in the bathroom of a Deer Valley, Utah, home designed by Electric Bowery. The black limestone walls and the dark wood ceiling were chosen to give the feeling of an underground Japanese onsen. His & Hers vanities signifies a departure from the traditional single-sink setup, catering to modern lifestyle demands and design preferences.

Add Shiplap

A two-wall layout offers a desirable sense of enclosure, but care must be taken to ensure that fixtures are placed far enough from each other and from the door for safety and comfortable use. ­A basement bath requires special planning for below-grade plumbing. A space 16 square feet is adequate for a toilet and a sink; to include a shower or a tub, you’ll need a space about 35 square feet . The compartment should be equipped with an easily accessible artificial light source plus a skylight or small window if at all possible. If there’s no operable window, be sure to install an exhaust fan to keep the space fresh.


These include the square wall tiles, the mosaic flooring, the mirror frame and the architrave paintwork. The small details can make all the difference and bring your whole bathroom redesign to life. It’s therefore important not to overlook the finer details like your accessories, towel hooks, toilet roll holders, mirrors, soap dispensers, and other decorative elements. An affordable option for your bathroom remodel is to hand-paint tiles. You’ll be surprised by how little effort is required to add a whole new lease of life to your space. Shiplap comes in both horizontal and vertical designs, both of which work great in bathrooms.