Eight dining room and kitchen interiors featuring natural materials

Balance it with warm wood and natural textures to keep it feeling inviting and cozy with a modern edge. Stone countertops are special in the sense that no two slabs are alike. If you’re considering installing marble countertops, be sure to hand pick the slab that fits your style best. We love this one with a deep contrast of dark, graphic veins running throughout. Since kitchens feature tile and wood floors, a runner-style rug works wonders at bringing warmth and texture to this high-traffic area.

  • As a result, fitted kitchens are not a good choice for homeowners who frequently alter their houses’ style or are considering moving frequently.
  • The tête chef isn’t Gurney, however, but her husband, who, as she explained, regularly whips up meals to accommodate the couple’s robust entertaining schedule.
  • Opt for simple, clean-cut furniture and a monochromatic palette to make a statement that’s all about sophistication.

A wraparound is a hybrid of a side and rear extension that literally wraps itself around two sides of a property, not only extending the depth at the back but adding extra width to the layout too. Position is key if you want to maximize the levels of natural light coming in. Think about where and at what time of day you’ll need the most daylight. And bear in mind the aspect of the room – whether north or south facing – which will affect how much light your extension receives. You will have to ensure all items have a permanent home to keep when you are not using it.

Modular Kitchen Design:

“I appreciate the Japanese sensibility of refinement, of choosing what’s necessary,” Farrell told AD during a 1995 tour. “When things get too big and ornate, they can make you uncomfortable.” The wood kitchen blends seamlessly with the Korean barbecue pit-centered dining room and stands open to a refreshing lap pool. Clever color blocking makes a whopping impact in this coastal Massachusetts kitchen by AD100 studio Reath Design.


Since all things have a house, you know where you can put items out—no more “not keeping space,” so it merely sits on the countertop forever. For much more clarity on the issue, we have to obtain a “feel” for minimalism, rather than to principle. To do that, it is time to search through the images where we present 23 minimalist kitchens. Let these pictures motivate you to remove the unnecessary in your space and embrace the necessities in life. When you would like a minimalist cooking area, you should declutter. Small kitchens simply do not possess the room to keep extras; therefore, you have to simplify it to items you use often.

Integrate Your Appliances

These functional accessories not only enhance the efficiency of your kitchen but also add a touch of Japanese elegance. Transforming your kitchen with Japanese design can enhance your cooking experience and reflect your personal taste. The materials used to construct modular kitchen furniture are heat- and water-resistant. Your kitchen essentials can be easily managed because there are many locations available for them. Any mess that may have been made can be organized in the modular kitchen’s drawers. Every inch of space in your kitchen will be utilized by your furniture.

  • Nicknamed the “house of offcuts” because it has a facade made of offcuts of wooden flooring material, this weekend retreat in Lillesand, Norway, has a kitchen with a view.
  • Inspired by Swiss ski retreats, it was created by AD100 designer Pamela Shamshiri of L.A.’s Studio Shamshiri.
  • Sleek, chic and undeniably contemporary, this all-white modern kitchen is low-maintenance, neutral and incredibly practical thanks to the integrated appliances and abundant storage options.
  • “These zones may overlap, but thinking through a kitchen layout for these two specific functions can increase functionality and provide purpose to the aesthetics.”
  • Also, browse through photos and other decor ideas for the rest of your home on Houzz.
  • Use a bold color, like yellow subway tiles arranged in a herringbone pattern, to highlight the kitchen as a central design element in the room.

They are also so many hues and shades of grey you could go for, from light cool tones to really dark and dramatic colors. We all love the look of freestanding kitchens – they are so lovely and personal. They are also relatively cheap to create, too, so if you are doing up a kitchen on a budget it could be a good option.