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My wife and I consciously invested a lot of energy and time to find and engage the very best Irish kitchen designers for our home remodelling project. The guys were always contactable, available and considerate of our thoughts on the various design opportunities. All that being said, modern kitchen design is not without its ‘wow’ elements.

If a full-sized kitchen extension is out of the question, consider down-sizing your options and remodeling kitchen space on a smaller scale. Don’t rule out adding a glass structure as a way of gaining extra space. Adding a modern glass extension on to a period house can be a striking way of making a clear distinction between old and new, while still maintaining the integrity of the building fabric. When remodeling the kitchen in a period home, choose a design that enhances the build and character of the original property for a more sympathetic look. Using materials that complement the existing property and a design that is sensitive to the heritage will help new additions look like they’ve always been there, rather than standing out as new. This kitchen design is quite wonderful, with its modern and elegant aesthetic.

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See how our kitchens and living space designs live in our customers’ homes. Our projects are all designed in-house and crafted in our technologically advanced South African factories and fitted by our own expert installers. If you are living or have grown up anywhere in the Indian subcontinent, you will understand the emphasis we lay on vastu shastra.

While our cultural aesthetic lays great emphasis on natural light for well-lit kitchens, task lighting is one of the modern tenets of design that we have made our own. And if you are looking for small kitchen ideas, lighting is a great way to make the space look bigger. This is an interesting point that sets apart kitchen designs in India. On an average, a kitchen in the West would have five to six spices at most. Thus, apart from modular kitchen cabinets, we need plenty of shelves just for stocking the spices.

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You can also set up a seating area by the counter for entertaining. So often we forget that a kitchen can be beautiful as well as functional. In this Union Square abode, Proem Studio added personal touches like a lamp and leaning art to make a gorgeous kitchen a little homier. If you’re looking for a stove top that’s as gorgeous as it is functional, take a note from Pure Salt Interiors and invest in a true stunner.

  • Another functional accessory you can add to your Japanese kitchen cabinet is a pullout rack.
  • Mix neutral finishes on the countertops and island to add subtle variation to your kitchen design that isn’t obvious at first glance.
  • It is also durable and relatively low maintenance once it has been sealed by your supplier.
  • This is a great way to add visual interest but also to make your space appear more coherent.