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A sculptural stainless-steel hood over a no-nonsense industrial-style range is equally as arresting. Tile gives you leeway to create all sorts of colorful mu­rals and mosaic designs to serve as eye-catchers in both kitchens and baths. Sometimes less-obvious focal points gain interest when they are off-center or not placed in the main part of the room. An antique cupboard filled with a collection of your grandmother’s majolica, a lovely hand-painted Chinese screen, an oversize painting, or a mass of healthy green plants would each fit this role. “”The delicate furniture balanced with the light color of the walls imbues this room with a Zen feeling. Cut out blocks — to scale again — to represent each piece of large furniture.


And if you want something versatile, it’s pretty hard to go wrong with neutrals. “An accent wall is a great way to highlight a feature or area of a room, or disguise an element that you don’t like,” they say. Look for an area you’d like to highlight—or hide—and put your accent wall there. She recommends using wallpaper to create a focal point in a smaller space—like a powder room or hallway. “Your entrance is a transitional space, so you can go bold with your designs,” she says.

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Mary Patton Design paired bright blue illustrated wallpaper with a painted antique bench for a cohesive feel in the entryway of this renovated midcentury modern home. Take a maximalist approach when decorating a blank staircase wall for a warm and eclectic feel. Layer a gallery wall over vibrant and colorful wallpaper to bring this often neglected space to life.

  • A woven planter and succulent-inspired poster also weave together botanical themes.
  • Turn a holiday collection of anything from tableware to figurines into a special holiday display for an easy way to decorate with what you already have while enjoying your favorite holiday decorations.
  • Erin Williamson Design paired a pink-and-white patterned wallpaper with vintage rattan furniture and a mix of textiles to create a cozy feel in this teen room.
  • “An easy way to make your space cozier is to use cozy fabrics,” says Chaumien.
  • Our services are covering all aspects in making your Bali home decor business as easy as you could imagine.

Soft neutrals also help emphasize any architectural details and provide a neutral backdrop for all of your seasonal decor. Here’s hoping you’ll clock in plenty of outdoor time this summer. Whenever you’re stuck indoors though, get a feel for Mother Nature with a planted tree. It blurs the lines between inside and out, which feels natural in the summer and is a welcome dose of greenery during the colder months.