Fusion Protein Linkers: Property, Design and Functionality PMC

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Although many examples of various types of linkers have been developed in the past, the rational design of linkers for the construction of fusion proteins is still in its infancy. Systematic, strategic scientific endeavors are in demand to greatly advance the science of linker design and application. Many technology platforms may be investigated in more depth towards understanding the connection between linker composition and structure, and ultimately tie them to linker function. Home design software is used across the architecture, engineering, real estate, and building design industries. Often, if you don’t have the right design and building experience, it can be difficult to estimate costs. A good free home design software helps you assemble the items, create color pallets, and experiment with floor plans.

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Following linker cleavage, the fusion protein exhibited a 2-fold increase of in vitro G-CSF bioactivity, and a much higher maximal response compared to the intact, covalently-linked fusion protein. The improved G-CSF bioactivity might be due to the reduced G-CSF receptor blockage after the release of G-CSF domain from Tf. Insertion of linkers between fusion protein domains can increase bioactivity by increasing distance between domains, improving or restoring folding, or releasing active domain using a cleavable linker. Flexible linkers are usually applied when the joined domains require a certain degree of movement or interaction. They are generally composed of small, non-polar (e.g. Gly) or polar (e.g. Ser or Thr) amino acids as suggested by Argos .

  • The second linker is a cyclopeptide with a cyclic confirmation formed by the disulfide bond between 2 cysteine residues (LEAGCKNFFPRSFTSCGSLE, designated as “cyclo” in Table 4).
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