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“For instance, light fixtures that are oversized and a statement piece will be the look of 2024.” Ease of cleaning is a must-consider when designing a kitchen – and that’s especially relevant for the flooring. ‘Wood-look tiles – timber-effect plank-shaped porcelain tiles are also popular, not least because they introduce a sense of character and movement. Whether you love the look of kitchen tile ideas or real wood, these are the practicalities according to Jules. ‘A versatile lighting scheme is a must-have for today’s multi-functional kitchen.

  • When seeking design inspiration for your dream kitchen, a visit to Zeel Kitchens’ state-of-the-art showroom in Perth is an absolute must.
  • Emily brings her expertise and passion to every project, ensuring that each space is both functional and beautiful, with a touch of northern charm.
  • Each style is distinct but fully capable of incorporating the most sought-after design trends today, such as sustainability, comfort, personalization…
  • In this L-shaped kitchen, Joshua Smith Inc. chose to install the sink in the island instead, leaving the countertops under a trio of windows free for meal prep.

As well as bringing style into your kitchen, lighting can also zone your space – something that’s particularly important if you have an open plan kitchen. A well-lit kitchen can make all the difference, so make sure your kitchen lighting is considered really early on in your design process. You will need different layers of lights and different types for different tasks. Fell in love with a piece of vintage furniture but just can’t make it work in its current space? You would be surprised what you can make work – use a chest of drawers to store pans, an old shelving unit for cookbooks, or a console table for your best crockery.

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On the social side, you’ll often find barstools, creating a casual dining area and space for the kids to do homework. Better suited to a more social kitchen than a galley, L-shaped kitchen ideas enable you to add a breakfast table or seating area in the centre of the room so the cook never feels left out. Yuuna is a bicultural interior designer born in Japan and raised in the US. Yuuna’s unique upbringing fuels her passion for blending Japanese artistry with global design trends.


Decorist designer, Jessie Yoon of Casa Nolita married an updated farmhouse style with midcentury modern touches for a gorgeous kitchen that feels classic yet on trend. Incorporate elements of the sea by using a coastal color palette mixed with natural textures such as driftwood, rattan, and sea glass to create a contemporary beachy vibe in your kitchen. An open kitchen offers the opportunity to use an accent wall to define the space.