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The living room is meant to feel cozy, so don’t skimp on plush fabrics. Here, blogger Amanda West brings in neutral textures and subtle patterns with throw pillows, blankets, ottomans and curtains. To achieve a relaxed, beach-like style, designer Christina Kim weaves in natural materials and sticks with a nature-inspired color palette .

  • “There’s nothing worse than having a sofa, rug, or lighting in the wrong size,” Betty Brandolino, interior designer at Fresh Twist Studio, says.
  • This space, for instance, has ocean-blue drapes covering the windows, complete with boho fringe accents.
  • These materials not only add warmth and authenticity but also create a sense of grounding in your Mexican-inspired decor.
  • “”This room evenly balances the island and the couch and carries the wood finish throughout the kitchen and living space.
  • And that’s exactly why Becc Burgmann, director and founder of Becc Burgmann Interior Design and Decorating, Sydney, recommends using only cool colors or only warm colors.

From the side table to the coffee table to the floors, the wood choices make the space look more open and brighter. To create a space that feels modern and personal, consider creative seating solutions like a curved sofa or a pair of fun accent chairs. Whatever you’re picturing as your ideal, you’ll find inspiration here. Read on to see the best modern living room ideas from designers. For her own pantry, interior designer Fiona Duke sourced a vintage sink made from solid stone, into which her cabinetmaker,Luxmoore & Co, fitted a new brass waste trap. ‘The numerous marks and ‘wear’ on the sink are exactly what I wanted to enhance the authentic nature of this space.

Add Floor Pillows

Layer a gallery wall over vibrant and colorful wallpaper to bring this often neglected space to life. Leather furniture, notably sofas, reflect the epitome of rugged elegance in a log cabin’s decor theme. Distressed, dark brown or tan, they align seamlessly with the warm wooden tones prominent in these rustic spaces. Offering a touch of nature indoors, these unique illuminations stand as a testament to your love for rustic aesthetics.

  • “If you can’t function in a room, it doesn’t matter how beautiful it is,” Coren says.
  • Animate the blank space beneath the stairs with patterned wallpaper.
  • Trendy ways to use wallpaper include wallpapering the ceiling, the backs of built-in shelving, as well as peel-and-stick wallpaper for ease of installation and removal.

Today, Scandi style is often mixed with other interior design styles such as Moroccan and Bohemian, and has become one of the most popular interior design styles in many countries around the world. Transitional interior design style mixes traditional and modern design elements to create a neutral, understated look that can work in both traditional or modern homes. A minimalist room has functional furniture, an optimized layout, built-in storage, clean lines, and a lack of superfluous decoration or ornamentation. Minimalist interior design is often monochromatic or uses a limited color palette, focusing on the use of varied textures and quality materials to create a warm and livable feel.

Decorate With Mirrors

If you’re a collector, don’t be shy about putting all of your favorite things on display. A large piece such as a wooden hutch is a no-fail storage solution. The American Lighting Association defines ambient as the main source of lighting. Currently the trend is for ceramic pendant shapes, metallic pendants and even simple bulb chandeliers with wood. If you want to incorporate a pattern outside but you’re not sure where to start, look to stripes. Available in modern and classic patterns, this motif never goes out of style.

  • Color can change a mood, make rooms feel cozy, larger, more dramatic or romantic.
  • Whether flowering or evergreen, a climbing shrub can act as a vibrant, colorful backdrop to an outdoor room.
  • Start by selecting warm and vibrant colors like reds, oranges, and yellows for your walls or furnishings.
  • The change from winter to fall generally requires a wardrobe change.
  • Plus, of course, it’s one of the easiest home decor ideas you can indulge in.

We’ve painted our exterior doors, black, red, and gray, and our interior doors have been taupe sage green and now black. Well-coordinated colors go a long way to a beautifully styled and decorated home. A smattering of pumpkins makes for a particularly warm welcome on your doorstep too. Arranging pumpkins in a variety of sizes and colors leading up your home will surely make you smile every day. Add a petite vase to a coffee table, dining table, entryway console, or anywhere, really—it’s a small piece of decor that makes a big impact.