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If your style veers towards eclectic and quirky, lean into that this fall with a moody garland. For an unexpected take, opt for pumpkins in nontraditional hues, like the jewel-toned ones that coordinate with the artwork on this mantel. Redecor blog is an excellent source of decor and home design inspiration. If you’re thinking of going monochrome, but you’re not sure you want to commit to one shade, try a tone-on-tone look. In this living room designed by Whittney Parkinson Design, various shades of cream and taupe are blended for a calming and inviting look.

  • Though it seems like this is a mostly white living room, there’s more to it than meets the eye.
  • First is the concept of “Vastu Shastra,” which guides architecture and interiors based on ancient Hindu beliefs to create positive energy flow within a space.
  • A bedroom full of sepia tones is beautiful and breezy—perfect for summer.
  • Kara Home Living is the perfect place to pick up a few of these trinkets.

Install a hook-like system inspired by the one above to keep favorite pieces handy; when they’re not in use, they’ll add a welcoming, lived-in look to your cooking space. A curated collection of art, books, and decorative objects fills the built-in shelves in this space—a purposeful decision that makes the television less noticeable. Abstract art, slim seating, and a live-edge table bring texture and color.

Choose Cozy Fabrics

What works in one living room might not work in another; it all comes down to proportions. A wide space like this benefits from larger furniture and oversized accent chairs. “My go-to-move is using a large circular mirror anywhere I can put one!” Sarah from Arbor & Co. says. “Most of the time I love to place them above the fireplaces when I style a living room.” You have multiple facets to your personality, so why wouldn’t you also have multiple tastes in design? Mix and match your favorites to create a space that’s uniquely you.

“Step back to see where you want to place the decorative items and visually ‘hopscotch’ where you place your décor into the shelves,” Bailie says. If you’re sticking to neutral hues in your home, punch up the look with textures that beg to be touched. It’ll add dimension and layers to the room without overwhelming the space. Edit your items down to just your favorites, and that’ll create a more meaningful and minimalist design. This can be an overwhelming process, so take it one room—or even one shelf or drawer—at a time. Minimalism is all about allowing for a little breathing room, design-wise, so nix your gallery wall and let a few standout pieces take center stage instead.

Hang a Spring Gallery Wall

Swap your heavy duvet for a lighter quilt or linen comforter that won’t have you sweating. Just ask Kristin Bartone, creative director and principal designer at Kristin Bartone Interiors. If you’re navigating a small space, look for ways to make your furniture multitask. “Have furniture that is useful for more than one thing,” Melone Cloughen says.

  • Take down that bland medicine cabinet that isn’t serving you and create a space that’s much more your style.
  • Once winter arrived, an antique quilt was added for a warm winter tablescape.
  • By doing your own work, you save money, you have control of the schedule, and when it’s done you get the credit.