Home decor ideas: 47 chic interior design schemes


The unique and stylish store has a wide range of home furniture, decor, and accessories. Its iconic style will bring the beauty and culture of Bali into your home. High-end and luxurious, you can make your space feel super luxe with these pieces, adding an extra flair of beauty. Also in Kerobokan, Creative Living has a more modern take on furniture design, incorporating classic wood touches into their pieces.

  • When company is due, shift the table away from the wall and slide in a bench.
  • A neutral bedroom doesn’t need dramatic artwork; instead, a fluted clay wall adds visual interest and texture to create a restful space that’s simple and soothing.
  • If you love ceramic dinnerware, you’ll likely fall in love with the artistic pieces from Gaya Ceramic.
  • Quirky may be using something in a way that is not conventional.
  • Wallpaper your kitchen ceiling for an unexpected touch of decor.

A drop-leaf table set on one side of the living room provides an instant dining area. When company is due, shift the table away from the wall and slide in a bench. Think about fashioning a home office with a sofa that opens into a bed to accommodate guests. Floors can also be married by color; for instance, wed light brown tile with a deeper brown carpet. If you’re unable to replace the flooring, merge rooms with like-colored area rugs. These days, you can choose from scores of materials, finishes, fabrics, and fixtures.

Add a Glass Wall

We would advise using peel and stick wallpaper to avoid damage to the doors and to ensure that any regular swaps are easy to achieve. Adding accent colors needn’t be done through accessories alone. The simple addition of gold paint on the structure of the shelving is a fantastic idea for anyone considering enlivening details for their neutral room ideas. “If you like the table lamps you have, but they aren’t working with the look you are going for in the room, try a makeover,” Faulkner says. She recommends trading out your lampshades, painting the lamp bases new colors, or even wrapping the lamps with cord.

  • Floral wallpaper adds a splash of color to this otherwise neutral bathroom.
  • You can also add a small chalkboard label to the front of each basket to easily identify what is being housed inside.
  • Decorate a dark corner of your home with mirrors that will reflect light and double views.
  • Yes, home decor quotes can be customized to suit individual preferences.
  • Rustic signs and items you might find on a ranch such as saddles or horse blankets can also set the tone for your space.
  • We’re completely obsessed with this pink couch and overall living room setup from House of Harvee.

Use trays to turn ottomans into small tables, and snag pillows that can double as plush floor seating. Additions like these can help you optimize your space—making it even more functional and livable. Make your breakfast nook feel cozy and inviting with coastal decor touches. When choosing wall art and decor, opt for one large-scale piece to create a bold and dramatic look. Interior designer Alvin Wayne decorated the corner banquette in this New York City apartment eat-in kitchen with an oversized semi-abstract color photograph hung on a dark wall to make it a focal point. Give your bedroom a calming and grounded feel with a simple black painted accent wall behind the bed.

Hang Cutting Boards in the Kitchen

And if the bedroom needs a refresh, don’t miss our gallery of wardrobe ideas and guide to the best bedding. You might find you need most advice in the really functional spaces like kitchens and bathrooms, so scroll down for design ideas and plenty of advice. We’ve got inspiration for everything from sprawling country houses to small rooms in city flats, from investment purchases to affordable high street finds. A wall of windows allows plenty of natural light into this space—and offers views of the homeowners’ colorful flowering shrubs.

  • Before you get to work tearing down walls or throwing the paint up on the walls, there are a few steps to take first.
  • While a jumble of plants always cheers up a room, a single oversized plant, tree, green wall, or other type of greenery can create added drama that works well in a minimalist or more sophisticated room.
  • Four or more family members — with visitors coming and going — require a bevy of comfy seats.
  • Plus, there are tons of machine-washable options out there so you shouldn’t have to worry about spills and stains.

Crafting beautiful homeware from recycled Ulin , a robust and durable timber, this store allows you to customize your pieces for a truly unique touch. “There’s nothing worse than having a sofa, rug, or lighting in the wrong size,” Betty Brandolino, interior designer at Fresh Twist Studio, says. Lean a large floor mirror against the wall of your bedroom, living room, dining room, or any space. Brexton Cole Interiors chose a gilded vintage-style mirror to add romance to this French-inspired primary bedroom that makes it feel more spacious and bright. Add a hint of color and pattern to a primary bedroom with a wood trim-framed wallpaper panel. Desiree Burns Interiors chose an airy botanical pattern for this serene bedroom decorated in shades of white, blue, and green.