Kitchen Design: 32 Beautiful Ideas For Your Home


It has a charming bare wooden kitchen cabinetry that perfectly matches with the light hardwood flooring. This is then brightened by the white wooden kitchen island and its white wooden stools. This lovely kitchen has beige walls and beige ceiling that has exposed wooden log beams. This matches well with the lighter shade of wood used on the L-shaped kitchen island and cabinetry complemented by the gray stone textured flooring and the redwood stools of the breakfast bar.

  • Design5 Small home interior design ideas to make your home look bigger!
  • At the core of German design lies the principle that form should always follow function.
  • House 9 Interiors mixes shiny gold pulls with dark brass hardware and silver candlesticks for a kitchen that feels equal parts lived-in and sophisticated.
  • When placed in the center it should leave enough floor space for you to maneuver around and access the rest of the kitchen.

Hanging items from the ceiling of a small kitchen is another way to maximize the space. In this design by interior designer Whitney Leigh Morris, a hanging fruit basket adds rustic charm while serving an important function. A fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian interior styles, Japandi decor offers a distinctive, harmonious, and functional approach to kitchen design. Think neutral color palettes, clean lines, and thoughtfully chosen accents to ensure a balance of both design principles. Natural light and a connection to the outdoors are prioritized, too. The smooth blue color of the kitchen cabinets brings a charming yet bold look to this townhome kitchen.

Kitchen Wallpaper

The advantage of these is that they can be moved or replaced quite easily if your needs change. Light colours make spaces look larger because they bounce light around the room. Using the same colour across the cupboards and walls will give you a seamless look. Small kitchens are particularly tricky to design as you need enough space for appliances, food storage, and room to move around with ease.

  • If you’re running low on space in a small kitchen, find another home for bulky pots and pans to clear up some room in your cabinets and drawers.
  • ‘Black track lights are also becoming increasingly popular, because they can provide plenty of light and add a little 1970s style.
  • Use it to store dishwashing and cleaning essentials, or consider one that’s dedicated to cooking spices.
  • Katie Martinez Design added this smart storage solution to a Nantucket home, making sure to add dish compartments for easy grab-and-go living.

Combining neutral colors with organic materials such as wooden countertops and stone backsplashes establishes a connection with nature, bringing a sense of tranquility into the heart of the home. You may love the idea of a bright white kitchen or all-neutral look, but you may want to add a little more visual appeal through color. A sage green hue is a great neutral color to incorporate that still stays true to that clean and bright neutral look. A wet bar is an area of the home where you can have a little fun with colors, textures, and eclectic design elements. Here, White Sands added bubblegum pink cabinets paired with half moon brass pulls to create a vintage, retro vibe that was inspired by Venice Beach. In this kitchen from Ashley Montgomery Design, midnight blue cabinets extend all the way up to the ceiling to create a wall of storage in the relatively compact space.

Take Your Cue From the Home’s Style

Explore modular L-shaped kitchen design layouts that offer great storage options, and easy access to appliances with a sleek look. An L-shaped kitchen design works perfectly for small to medium-sized kitchens while following the golden kitchen triangle. Browse our handpicked kitchen designs to see how cabinets, shelves, storage options and statement backsplashes can be designed in your L-shaped kitchen. The best family-friendly kitchens, such as this contemporary cooking space by Rachel Madden Interiors, blend durable materials with inviting features.

  • ‘It’s amazing how a change of paint color or some new tiles can give a kitchen a completely fresh look, picking up on different accents within the home,’ adds Rob Whitaker, creative director, Fired Earth.
  • Our team of experienced designers will work closely with you to create a customised design that suits your style, functionality needs, and budget.
  • Streamline your design and save space by opting for a slick design, as pictured here.
  • Mary Patton Design lightened up a block of cabinets with frosted glass-front doors that offer a glimpse of the colorful glassware displayed inside.
  • This U-shaped family kitchen also uses different kitchen flooring ideas and the oak frame to visually divide the kitchen from the rest of the floorplan.