These Are the Top Bathroom Trends of 2023, According to Designers

The key is to focus on ease of movement and ergonomics, so that everything can be accessed without feeling cramped or compromised. Add a subtle painting with relaxing colours or the classic black and white theme to a bare wall, to enjoy in those long soaks. Fill glass containers with pebbles and use as stand for your makeup kits or hair brushes.

  • Many designers opt to adorn central areas of floors and walls with vibrant tiles and surround this area with much more sober, monochrome tiles.
  • “Small bathrooms should have walk-in showers in clear glass enclosures,” says Artem Kropovinsky, interior designer and founder of Arsight.
  • However, it can also be placed lower on walls as well as under elevated elements such as below a bathtub or shower in order to make the space glow in a fabulously unexpected way.
  • The curved shape of the tub and matte black faucet kit create a modern look.
  • Here, a continuous stretch of flooring reaches right to the furthest wall to enhance length, while a slender vanity with slim feet emphasizes width.
  • Moreover, having tutorials could help newcomers get adjusted to the software much quicker.

It was about working with what is already beautiful in a historic craftsman home and embracing the cottage elements in a way that felt fresh and modern for the family,’ says Jamie Haller. If you do retrofit paneling choose solid wood rather than MDF suggests Haller. Cottage bathrooms are beautiful spaces that combine practicality with timeless style and country charm.

Minimalist Bathroom

If your bathroom looks bland with all that micro cement, you can always add some greenery to brighten things up. Removing your tub is the perfect choice if you’re busy and prefer quick showers over relaxing baths. Turn your bathroom into the ultimate relaxation space by fitting a Jacuzzi . But if you enjoy hydrotherapy or even some submerged socializing, the remodel will be well worth it. If you’re working with a long and narrow bathroom, start by positioning the largest fixture, the tub.

  • Nevertheless, focusing too much on future-proofing your designs tends to backfire not too long after the dust has settled.
  • You can also add colorful cloth rugs, saloon lights, and vintage lampshades.
  • Due to the vast number of options, designers are bound to find the perfect match which suits their aesthetic style.
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  • To add some excitement, experiment with contemporary lightbulbs and introduce some plants.

From show stopping bathtubs and sleek vanity units, to enviable bathroom decor and carefully curated accessory ideas, this gallery of images and tips has you covered. Looking for great bathroom ideas and inspiration for your bathroom renovation? The trend of contemporary bathroom designs is scaled down, minimalist, highlighting warm, earthy tones.