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Take note from the masters of designing a kitchen that embraces simplicity and the beauty of imperfection with this book by deVOL. “You can still have beautiful pieces without having to worry about stressing over the next time a guest is having too much of a good time,” he says. “There have been tremendous advances in outdoor upholstery that you can wipe off coffee or wine easily. In the kitchen, there are so many more options now that are better than polished granite. This design featured a small kitchen area located adjacent to the breakfast room. Kitchen design in the 1940s was very different from what we see today. Designers were limited by the amount of materials they had at their disposal, so they had to be creative with what they had.


The dark wood contrasts the light, bright kitchen, adding warmth to the space. A bright shade of powder blue on your cabinets and kitchen island looks like a breath of fresh air. Warm wood tones, like on the stove hood, chairs, and floor, bring balance to this cool tone of paint. The porcelain farmhouse sink with an exposed basin is a stylish choice to coordinate with a range of interior decor styles from rustic to traditional and contemporary kitchens.

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The fluted cabinet fronts differentiate the cupboard space from the pantry space. A dreamy, all-white kitchen adds a bright, clean, and refreshing look, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a little drama. Michelle Berwick Design incorporated touches of sleek black inside the glass-front cabinets on the island and range hood for a more sophisticated look. Mix old and new, dark and light, smooth and textured finishes for a textural and timeless look. While some stick to a specific kitchen design style throughout their entire space, we love when a single room boasts a variety of décor elements. This traditional kitchen in a modern color, looks unique with contemporary clear stools and rustic wooden touches.