30+ Top Kitchen Trends 2023: Color, Countertop and Tile Ideas


So here we have rounded up the best kitchen ideas that covers colors, layouts, trends, and more. Plus plenty of practical advice from interior designers to ensure your project gets off to the best start. Some of the more popular kitchen designs of the 1990s include the open kitchen, the breakfast nook, and the farmhouse kitchen. These kitchens are all designed with a focus on functionality and allow for easy access to the kitchen appliances and food. But if you want your cooking space to blend in, consider slab front cabinetry in a warm wood tone that coordinates with your furniture and flooring.

Precision planning is the key to turning a chaotic kitchen into a neat and tidy workspace. When designing a kitchen, use a combination of colors, materials and finishes to create a characterful look – but just as you would in a living room, limit your palette to one main color and two accents. Classic kitchen ideas, with their timeless lines and broad appeal, can tick all these boxes, narrowing the gap between traditional furniture and contemporary design to suit your home. Companies such as Little Greene and Morris & Co are championing the return of wallpaper to the kitchen. Kitchen wallpaper ideas include modern designs, of course, but those with the most impact have a heritage appeal – playing to that desire to make kitchens feel just as decorated as living rooms. Another way to introduce color and texture is by showing off decorative china and pottery on open shelving.

Modern Kitchen Island

With this, our clients enjoy uniform and unparalleled quality, from the creative consultation and planning up to the installation of their home kitchen. Mostly the use of furniture is solved by in-built cabinets that blend well into the luxury modern kitchen design, where storage and seating needs are mostly met inherently. We do have to clean the space so often because of all the oil, smoke and grime that are natural outcomes of our kind of cooking. Additionally, back-painted glass looks seamless and is much cheaper than most tiles, making it a good option for kitchen designs in India. Even before exhaust fans existed, kitchen designs in India incorporated ventilation by having windows on both sides of the space.

  • The dark gray cabinet color is the star of the show in this stunning modern kitchen.
  • This makes sense, as aligned backsplashes with a vertical sensibility always instill a sense of order, height, and scale in a room.
  • Space alone doesn’t make a space feel luxurious—although, as you’ll see in our examples below, a soaring ceiling doesn’t hurt.
  • Owners Crystal and Oliver picked up the renovation reins, calling on interior architect Sally Rhys-Jones to really make the house a fabulous family home.