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The play of light and shadow, coupled with the delicate lattice patterns, creates a serene atmosphere reminiscent of traditional Japanese design. By incorporating Shoji screens, you bring a touch of cultural sophistication and timeless beauty to your living spaces. Elevate the comfort of your living spaces with the luxurious touch of silk textiles in furnishings. Opt for silk throw pillows, cushions, or drapery to add a touch of opulence and refinement. The natural sheen and smooth texture of silk create an inviting and sumptuous ambiance. Whether incorporated into bedding, accent chairs, or curtains, silk adds a layer of sophistication and indulgence to your decor.

We’ve spoken to design experts from around the world to bring you their top rustic takes that can be adapted for any room in your home. While there’s often a bucolic, farmhouse feel in play, you don’t have to live deep in the countryside to enjoy rustic decor’s comforting homespun charms. The main reason rustic decor ideas are always trending is they are so incredibly versatile and super easy to adapt to any setting. Emily is an interior designer with over a decade of experience in creating stunning and stylish home decor. She has a keen eye for color combinations and a passion for transforming spaces into personalized havens. If you’re not ready to paint one whole room (let alone your house!), try adding an accent wall.

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If the color seems too dominant, switch to a lighter value on the paint strip. Family and friends aren’t going to judge your rooms in technical terms anyway. All they will know is that you’re content and that your bedroom looks beautiful.


A quiet nook where the family can muster for dinner or watch a movie lends stability. If the kitchen is involved, arrange a temporary galley with a fridge near the bathroom. On the practical side, when hiring professionals such as carpenters, electricians, and painters, it may be more economical to have them complete all the work within a specific time frame. One lengthy visit will entail more preparation and patience on your part, but savings could be substantial. Be sure to hire a reliable professional who will lay out your options and help you choose the smartest route. Before your start decorating a room, it’s best to assess what you have to work with.

Add a fashionable influence to bedrooms

“I added a cluster of art over the couch for some modern flairs.” “This living room is bright, clean, and graphic,” Cathie Hong of Cathie Hong Interiors says. “My client has four little kids, so she wanted a cozy but uncluttered space for her family to gather and spend time together.” “I wanted more than anything for this room to be comfortable and approachable,”Christina Kim of Christina Kim Interior Design explains.

  • A fall-scented candle is a must, and so are delicate string lights.
  • It’s a great way to bring a contemporary twist to an older home.
  • Ubud in Bali is a renowned arts hub and is the ideal location to source Balinese artwork to take home.
  • In an attic bathroom with sloped, uneven walls and ceilings that made wallpapering impossible, Isabel Ladd ofIsabel Ladd Interiors in Lexington, Kentucky, switched gears with peppy paint.
  • The shade is made of natural rattan, while the base and accents are made from a warm antique brass finish.