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Kent Estate The complete re-model and interior design of this 12,000 sq ft family estate in Kent. Small waterfront house plans for those with a more modest budget to play with. These are the perfect option for couples and smaller families who don’t need as much space.

  • 2D Site Plans provide a clear overview of the entire property without any distractions – they illustrate the plot layout perfectly.
  • This Bel-Air property has a show-stopping swimming pool that snakes around the property’s curved boundary.
  • As each of the family member has different preference, Alan did a wonderful job in integrating the different themes for all the rooms, hall , dining and kitchen.
  • Comprises a team of talented interior designers and renovation experts with a passion for transforming both residentiallanded homes and commercial buildings into exceptional living and working spaces.

We will listen and we will provide you a service that achieves the results you want for your home and investment. Awarded for exemplary performance and excellence in architecture and interior design. We celebrate our achievements in house design and architecture. Our awards and recognitions reflect our commitment to excellence in every project. Read our trending blogs to get insights into house plans and designs.

florim infuses agate’s natural gems with metals into mystic luxe ceramic surfaces

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  • Tourism in Bali is known to have become popular during the Dutch East Indies era.
  • Typically, a floor plan design includes the location of walls, windows, doors, and stairs, as well as fixed installations.
  • Tbilisi Gardens is the first New York skyscraper in Tbilisi.
  • This property is in an ideal location in Imam Bonjol, opposite the Australian International School.

The newly announced flats will be beamless, with living and bedroom spaces not separated by walls. Feel confident you’re partnering with a development group with longevity and a proven track record of success. Mirah Investment & Development encompasses a broad spectrum of ventures within the property development sector, bridging both residential and commercial properties.

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If you’ve been looking for interior inspiration to restyle your home, we’ve rounded up some interior design ideas to get you started. Plus, interior designers reveal how to live large in small spaces. Archicad is a professional building information modeling software that offers intuitive design, precise building information management, open collaboration, and automated documentation. With improved workflow and collaboration, it unites architects and engineers.