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Newsroom presents a curated collection of exceptional, award-winning design content to media professionals and journalists. Winning the A’ Real Estate Design Award could help you attract prospective clients and customers to your business.

  • The template exudes elegance and professionalism, instantly capturing the attention of potential buyers and leaving a lasting impression.
  • A’ Real Estate Design Award Newsroom provides real estate design journalists with ready to use images, interviews and content.
  • Streets are tree lined and the neighborhoods have charming coffee shops and great restaurants, very walkable and close to light rail/public transportation.
  • By organizing your menu logically and categorizing content effectively, you can streamline the user journey and minimize friction points, leading to a more satisfying browsing experience.
  • Like all design disciplines, trends come and go in real estate graphics.
  • With FindHusly, you can create a professional and captivating online platform to showcase your properties and attract potential buyers like never before.

The creative side of us then has a solid platform to define color, messaging, iconography, layout, and engaging interactions that reflects our understanding. Offers free, original home ownership content you can use in your consumer communications. Add expert articles about home ownership, buying, and selling to your marketing efforts, and continue the conversation with clients long after the sale. Many of the themes are suitable for selling either family homes or corporate buildings and office space. Some are more suited to the corporate field, however, featuring clean, elegant designs and muted color palette.

Free Design Templates

The user-friendly navigation ensures seamless browsing, allowing potential buyers to explore property listings effortlessly and find their dream homes with ease. Homy, a groundbreaking React HTML5 template that revolutionizes the real estate industry. Specifically crafted for real estate agencies, property brokers, and independent agents, Homy combines the power of React with modern design aesthetics to create a captivating and immersive online experience. The template features a fully responsive layout, ensuring a seamless browsing experience across various devices and screen sizes.

  • Just below the fold are two prominent calls to action, one for those looking to buy and another for people looking to sell.
  • Winners of the A’ Design Award will have the exclusive opportunity to have their award-winning works published in the Prime Editions publications.
  • Clearly communicating the website’s privacy policy and adherence to regulatory standards demonstrates a commitment to protecting user data and privacy.
  • Then create a strong brand identity that’ll shine through in your real estate brochures.

They now want to return to a new form of nesting, through an accumulation of textiles, warmer colors, new hardware and fabrics for a welcoming, natural environment to live, work and play, Kirk says. Collective stress levels are at an all-time high, and people are finding they need a respite from the constant barrage of information available because of the digital age. While homeowners compile their holiday wish lists, we’ve compiled a list of 12 home and design trends experts think will be next year’s stars.