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My designer helped me find a few to pieces to make my living/dining room space cozy and tastefully me. Industrial style is a lot of fun to take out to your entertainment spaces. From a hand-crafted steel fire ring to Edison bulb garden lights you can mix in a lot of great industrial accents into your outdoor home decor to make for the perfect outdoor space. Red and white are classic Christmas colors that adapt easily into a modern Christmas decor scheme. Craftberry Bush added bright red textiles and white decor accents that complement a tree decorated with red plaid ornaments for a modern traditional mix.


She is a true design enthusiast, always keen to dote on beautiful spaces, furnishings, and architecture. For as much attention as you pay to your interior space, don’t forget to infuse some coastal-inspired charm into your outdoor spaces, as well. “It’s important to put an emphasis on natural light,” says Switzer. Wicker has a naturally earthy texture that feels relaxed and lived in, making it the perfect addition to a coastal-inspired décor scheme. Not only is house decor typically much less expensive than furniture, it also experiences less wear and tear.

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“Small additions of color in a neutral setting is all you need to create a little pop.” Whether your space boasts eye-catching wooden floors or bespoke built-ins (lucky you!) clear away any items that would get in the way of them shining. You want architectural gems, like crown molding and arched doorways, to really pop. Emma Deterding established her international design firm, Kelling Designs, in 2006, and has since spread her love of color and pattern around the world, bringing joy to residences from London to Delhi. Her shop, Kelling Home, stocks a treasure trove of original and quirky homeware curated by Emma and her team. ‘We love using blackboard paint for a really interesting and practical kitchen backsplash.

  • Make like designerNick Olsen and add major wow-factor to your home by incorporating patterns and furnishings that deceive the eye.
  • Take a peek under your staircase, and look for walls and corners that are completely empty.
  • The light will help you to see what you’ve got and give even a smaller closet a boutique ambience.
  • As a former cooking instructor for 15 years, I include tested recipes and party ideas on my blog.
  • To make the Halloween-friendly treasure chest, we filled a trunk with pillows, then piled it high with chocolate coins and more foil-wrapped treats.

“Limewash creates a sense of old mixed with new and allow a room to have a moodier feel.” She encourages the trying out limewash in entryways or powder rooms to give those spaces more depth. Portola Paints comes in dozens of shades, from snowy Solaris to cerulean Hacienda to Vintage Black. Take a look back—50 years back—when tackling the backsplash, suggests Alex Alonso ofMr.

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But if that isn’t an option, look to enliven the walls by choosing art, bearing in mind that large-scale pieces look more generous. A good way of injecting new life is to paint the walls – if you plan to rent long-term, most landlords will permit a fresh colour scheme as long as you agree to revert to the original décor. However, it’s not only the fire itself that can add a magical touch – the surround itself can be turned into a fabulous feature to show off. Dressing and accessorizing the space around the fireplace can be key to making the best of it. In an ample sized open-plan living room, designate a home office with custom carpentry. Interior designer Isabella Worsley explains, “When creating an inbuilt desk area within joinery, it is important to take time to think about electrical requirements and to keep cabling discreet.

When implementing your Texas decorating ideas you should first consider your budget. What do you want to achieve in your space and what will your budget allow you to change or update? When decorating a new space, you have a clean slate to start with, however, if you are updating an existing space you will have additional considerations. Take a good look at your space and make a note of your lighting, room shape, size of space, and existing colors. Rooms with a surplus of windows or a bank of French doors tend to be more cheerful. A large skylight positioned over the breakfast table or in the bedroom allows the sun to pour in, and with it, up go our spirits.