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The program offers standard floor-plan features alongside tools for electrical planning and adding HVAC and plumbing systems. This allows our landed interior designers to create design solutions catering to your unique needs and style. Hence, we can tailor our designs to align with your vision, creating a space that truly reflects your individuality.

  • The villa is designed in a modern style and finished with the finest materials.
  • This property is in an ideal location in Imam Bonjol, opposite the Australian International School.
  • & Gouné, M. Microstructural design of new high conductivity-high strength Cu-based alloy.
  • A well-designed layout can accommodate all your needs, from a sleek kitchenette for whipping up tropical cocktails to a cozy sleeping nook perfect for stargazing on balmy nights.
  • While energy-efficient appliances can make a difference, your heating and cooling is even more important, as this is where most homes’ energy consumption comes from.

Professional plans for real estate, home design, office design and more. Commercial properties for sale in Dubai mostly include offices in Downtown Dubai, JLT and Business Bay. There are also warehouses, retail spaces, shops and lands for sale in Dubai that can be found all over the city. Dubai’s flourishing economy has led to a leap in its real estate market. Many investors have trusted this growing emirate which led to maturity in the real estate market. Officials have ruled out any possible slowdown in Dubai’s real estate market because of the, now, more flexible laws and regulations of property ownership in Dubai.

The co-founder of Ochre’s peaceful country house in Wiltshire

This has encouraged many business men to increase their investments in Dubai and instilled confidence among entrepreneurs who are looking to benefit from the great city of Dubai. Once you’ve added your content, you can customize its design by using different colors, fonts, font sizes and bullets. Just highlight the words you want to design and choose from the various options in the text editing bar.

Take a look and be inspired to take your own house to the next level. We look forward to working With Darren and his team on our future projects. At Strong, we have many years’ experience developing property for ourselves as well as for others, we know how stressful a project can be when you are investing in your dreams, financially and emotionally. Now that we’ve reached the end of our guide, we hope you could find the most suitable design tool to create the most breathtakingly beautiful landscape.