Summer Decorating Ideas For Every Room Of Your House

Keep them within arm’s reach by making your collection a part of your home’s decor. Take a cue from Sabrina Tan of the fashion and lifestyle blog, Gypsy Tan, and hang them from a copper pipe with clothesline rope and clothespins. From colorful glassware and pink placemats to patterned throws on the banquette bench, this sun-filled dining table is spring-ready. A unique and authentic Home Decor Bali is a great way to enhance your space. Your options are from colorful hand-painted fabric to natural-colored …

  • Whatever your plan — remodeling or upgrading the lighting you already have — it will help to get an overall sense of what kinds of lighting are available and how each performs before you shop.
  • Then use our best tips for scoring secondhand decor to create a unique aesthetic that feels like you.
  • ‘We love using blackboard paint for a really interesting and practical kitchen backsplash.
  • From functional considerations to style and personality, you’ll develop the decorating skills necessary to create practical and beautiful spaces in the home.
  • ‘Placing mirrors near light sources will brighten your space and maximize the reach of the light,’ explains Astrid Limal, founder, Perch & Parrow.

From the traditional Balinese daybeds, to wooden teak furniture and vibrant, colorful textiles, Une Escale a Bali has everything you need to make your home truly unique. High-end and luxurious, you can make your space feel super luxe with these pieces, adding an extra flair of beauty. Also in Kerobokan, Creative Living has a more modern take on furniture design, incorporating classic wood touches into their pieces. Highlight a stained glass window, or draw attention to an exposed brick wall.

Modern Cottage Style

A modern bedroom may sound cold and sterile, but the results are often incredibly inviting. With the right elements—including vibrant colors, soft textures, and warm wood furnishings—modern design can feel right at home in a primary suite or guest room. These tranquil retreats take advantage of natural light for a bright and airy feel and pare down furnishings to the essentials to create an uncluttered spot for relaxation. We’ve gathered bedrooms in homes from New York to Hong Kong that use streamlined pieces and minimalist layouts to beautiful effect.

  • Whether it’s ornate wall panels, statues, or decorative masks, Balinese wood carvings add a touch of exotic elegance to your home.
  • ThisInterior Impressions-designed space has both, creating a breezy, summery entryway that is nothing but inviting.
  • In a time of throw-away furniture construction, you will find that vintage was made to last.
  • The sky-blue side table pairs well with the various shades of blue in the art prints featured in a gallery wall.
  • It’s tempting to play it safe when it comes to injecting color into your home, but interiors that experiment with bold tones are often the most striking.

This bedroom, for instance, features macrame artwork, imbuing the walls with woven warmth. Take notes from this space, which features bohemian style from head to toe. It achieves a casual, laidback look through string lights, patterned throw pillows, and lots of vibrant plants. Earth tones abound in this boho style dining room, complete with olive green chairs and an oaky table.

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That’s why it’s important to stay focused when decorating so you don’t get lost between the initial project and the final result. Indian decor is the “mother” of many other styles, such as boho, hippie and with a great influence on rustic decor. Flowers and fruit baskets are everywhere in Indian decor, whether to bring color, perfume or an offering to the gods. It is also common in Indian decoration to use hand-crafted wooden furniture. The low furniture, characteristic of oriental decorations as a whole, is also present in the Indian style. Metallic colors are another strong feature of Indian decoration, with emphasis on gold, bronze and copper.


A sparkling disco ball catches natural light pouring through the windows and bounces it around the room as a reminder that gloomy winter days are over. Coastal farmhouse interiors mix two popular styles to create a homey and breezy mix. Knowing how to identify the key elements and characteristics of popular interior design styles will help you to narrow down your options when searching for decor ideas. And it will make it easier to communicate the look and feel you want to achieve when collaborating with a partner or interior designer. A mixture of rustic, modern, and industrial elements is common in Texas-inspired homes.