Summer Decorating Ideas For Every Room Of Your House


Use wallpaper to turn a tiny space into a memorable destination. Desiree Burns Interiors used this abstract gray-and-white bird wallpaper to complement beadboard wainscoting in this powder room, painting the ceiling gray and window trim white for a polished feel. Create an alluring feel in a formal dining room with dark floral wallpaper. Marie Flanigan Interiors paired the moody wallpaper with dark wood furniture, and pulled the blue from the illustrated flowers with powdery blue upholstered seating in this New York City space.

  • Etsy have some lovely 1950s Christmas decorations if you are after the real thing.
  • The focus here is on inviting, lived-in comfort, so don’t worry about matching sets too closely, an eclectic mix can add personality and a sense of history to your cabin.
  • By the end of this read, you’ll be equipped with all the inspiration and information you need to transform your log cabin into a charming and personalized retreat.
  • These colors shouldn’t work together, but the bold use of pink and red in small doses creates a fun vibe to this otherwise minimalistic space.

‘We’ve woven all kinds of natural patterns and textures into this trend, from willow, grasses and sprigs to details such as the puffins and shells you might spot along the shoreline,’ says Billings-Cray. ‘This is a purely magical trend combining icy blues, pinks and champagne golds. Whimsical woodland prints give an enchanting ‘fantastical’ feel.’ says Julie Varma, senior director, George Home. If you’re unsure what to do this season, you really can’t go wrong with a traditional Christmas decorating scheme as one expert explains…

Bring on the Animals

Ceiling ideas are often overlooked in home decor but we have seen designers embracing their power more and more in the past few months. Discover how to style a console table and you’ll find all your surfaces become magnets for decorative displays. More and more of us are searching for ‘happy room ideas’ in order to create homes that don’t just look good but feel good too. “Fill your home with things you truly love, and it will always be beautiful,” O’Gara says. “Hardware choices come toward the end of the design process, so it’s easy to lose steam and pay less attention to the particulars,” Elyse Moody, kitchen design expert at Designer Appliances, says.


Modern BathIt makes sense to do the improvements before redecorating your space if they are needed. If your budget does not allow for actual renovations, then doing minor kitchen remodels or adding an outdoor space such as a patio can make a big difference in your space. Painting your front door and sprucing up your yard increases your curb appeal. Inside simple alterations such as replacing kitchen hardware and faucets will give the space a more modern feel along with replacing light fixtures and flooring. These fresh ideas will bring you Texas-style inspiration for your space with the latest designs, styles, and trends no matter where you live.

Refresh your coffee table decor regularly

“This space, and coastal decor in general, feels light and lovely in colors and tones,” Mazzarini says. Most people do not consider the “Rule of three” while decorating their homes. However, this design principle applies to every room of your home.

  • However, this simple, clean, minimalistic look with modern furnishings and a few Texas-style touches will have you embracing the city life in style.
  • In addition to home decor, Wayfair is a great place to shop for major appliance brands like Whirlpool, Café, and LG.
  • You don’t need to repaint the walls or buy new throw pillows to decorate for spring.
  • It’s a twist on the usual plant stand and a fun way to add height that makes your living room layout more interesting while helping make sure that your plant gets the requisite amount of light.
  • “The coffee table is wired-brushed wood which feels weathered and wind-blown.”