Ten kitchen design ideas from Dezeen’s lookbooks


As well as bringing style into your kitchen, lighting can also zone your space – something that’s particularly important if you have an open plan kitchen. A well-lit kitchen can make all the difference, so make sure your kitchen lighting is considered really early on in your design process. You will need different layers of lights and different types for different tasks. Fell in love with a piece of vintage furniture but just can’t make it work in its current space? You would be surprised what you can make work – use a chest of drawers to store pans, an old shelving unit for cookbooks, or a console table for your best crockery.

  • Whether you want kitchen cupboards with classic glass panes or modern kitchen units with sleek, shiny finishes – you’ll find ones to fit your personality.
  • Balance it with warm wood and natural textures to keep it feeling inviting and cozy with a modern edge.
  • This kitchen uses smaller items like wooden bowls, marble fruit displays, and modern cups to further set the contemporary scene.
  • Archways are synonymous with European design, bringing to mind historical Italian porticoes and creating an organic, nature-inspired aesthetic.

Our new kitchen is bright, modern, seems bigger and functionally is a huge improvement. There is a big input in time from Surreal at the design stage and this shows in the look and utility of the kitchen. The fitters were good at their job and very obliging and Barry was always available to move the project along. Farmhouse is one of the most popular contemporary design styles, and both modern and farmhouse elements can meet in one kitchen. This striking kitchen has a farmhouse-inspired chandelier, a rustic bread basket, and modern finishes. From a skylight letting light stream into the space to geometric globe pendants, this kitchen shows that lighting can add an eye-catching look to a simple contemporary kitchen.

Ensure you have a large table and plenty of chairs

Not only does an accent window make a statement, but offers itself up as a great ventilation source, while drawing more natural light into the space. L-shaped modular kitchens are tucked in the corner and usually come with two open ends, marking at least two entry and exit points from the kitchen. A free-flowing L-shaped kitchen design is practical, allows for easier floor movement and is also better-ventilated than most other layouts. 7 colourful kitchen designs that have stolen our heartsFrom grand gold tones and cheery yellows to brooding blacks, these kitchens exemplify functional creativity. Dependent on the type of kitchen we propose the right material and finish, this can be solid wood or natural stone but there are many other suitable materials.


While kitchens always have a touch of metal, there are not always decorative elements that glimmer and shine. In this 1850s historic home, designer Corey Damen Jenkins brought the drama with standout stools and a linear light fixture. At Hygge Studio in São Paulo, designed by Melina Romano, terracotta flooring teams up with tan brick walls to soften monochrome kitchen units. Tiles are a staple of many kitchens – particularly for splashbacks and flooring – but some designers go further and use them to add personality to surfaces. Dezeen selected eight kitchen islands where waterfall edges create an impactful yet sleek focal point for the room.

Contrast your white kitchen with a deeper color

Merging the different kitchen layout types will produce some interesting and innovative design solutions. For galley or single wall kitchens, worktops need to be clear of clutter so in these instances, hot water taps or integrated coffee machines may be helpful appliances to consider. “Ultimately the kitchen space must be a practical, robust cooking and working environment whilst also being an area to relax, dine and work,” says Keith Myers.

  • Great emphasis should therefore be placed on getting your kitchen layout ideas just right – aesthetics come later.
  • From a skylight letting light stream into the space to geometric globe pendants, this kitchen shows that lighting can add an eye-catching look to a simple contemporary kitchen.
  • We don’t have showrooms because we are not a retailer, we’d rather that budget went straight into the quality of your kitchen and the service we provide.
  • This contemporary kitchen gets an artful touch with geometric tile that adds a bold pattern to a sleek, simple kitchen.

We all love the look of freestanding kitchens – they are so lovely and personal. They are also relatively cheap to create, too, so if you are doing up a kitchen on a budget it could be a good option. You can find lots of pieces secondhand in reclamation yards, charity shops, and Ebay.