92 Home Decor Ideas for Every Room in the House


“Above the mantel, will it reflect a ceiling fan or a smoke alarm? In the family room, will it reflect the neighbor’s basketball court? ” She recommends standing in the exact spot you’d like to hang the mirror, and taking a look at what’s facing you.

  • Cozy, inviting, and full of character, nothing makes a home feel more like, well, home, than rustic decor.
  • Before you begin decorating a room, decide what’s essential and what’s not.
  • In this primary bedroom suite from Will Brown Interiors, a soft beige and gray base is warmed up with cool-toned sherbet pinks, peaches, lavenders, and blues.
  • Too many can overcrowd the space, so it’s recommended to use them strategically for maximum visual impact.
  • From powder rooms to playrooms, here are our favorite summer decorating ideas for a laid-back look that’s like a breath of fresh air.

Mirrors reflect light and have a tendency to make a room feel larger, two major reasons why we love them. In this inviting living room, Hong focused on creating a livable space that still brings in plenty of interest by making a point to include contrast. If you have young children or pets, consider high-performance fabrics. If you love to entertain, think about including a bar cart or extra seating in the layout.

IKEA Family

Mark the location of doors and windows, traffic zones, architectural features, electrical outlets, and heating sources. A dozen little furnishings afloat in a big — or even a little — room end up looking like clutter as the eye darts from one object to the next. In fact, a few larger-scale pieces can actually make a tiny room appear grander. So they don’t get lost, group small furnishings together in a large room.

  • From red lanterns and gold-trimmed vases to crimson throw pillows, these accents create a visually striking and symbolic ambiance.
  • Lovingly designed and handmade by local artisans, Kevala’s hand-crafted ceramics with their refined prints and unique textures will make great conversation starters at your next dinner party.
  • Different contractors, a variety of fabrics, multiple furniture stores…It can be difficult to keep track of all the items involved in decorating a home.
  • Make sure to choose pillows designed for outdoors, which in most cases, will help prevent fading as well as mold and mildew from accumulating on the cover or the insert.
  • “I fell in love with these black windows,” Sarah from Arbor & Co. explain.

When it comes to fabric choices in traditional Indian home decor, silk, cotton, and brocade fabrics are frequently used due to their exquisite quality and fine craftsmanship. Silk adds a touch of luxury and elegance, while cotton brings comfort and breathability to the space. Brocade fabrics are known for their intricate patterns created using gold or silver threads, adding a regal touch to any piece.