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Treat a small white bathroom like a Memphis artwork by introducing block colors. Colored sanitary ware, painted woodwork and a checkerboard floor are playful ways to add character. Finish with a shower curtain that continues the color-blocking theme. Great interior design allows you to realize your home decor ideas, delivering when it comes to the practicalities, as well as aesthetically and in a way that caters to your tastes. And the best designs have durability, too, both in terms of style but also because they will stand up to the day to day demands on a room. Here, striped blue and white pillow covers add a subtle pop of color to this neutral kitchen.

We are a one stop solution for all your furniture and decor needs. Don’t forget to register today to view our massive on-line catalogue, you won’t be disappointed with our extensive range of furniture, handicrafts, home wares and decor products. Your bathroom deserves as much love as any other room, and since it’s a small space, it’s pretty easy to upgrade from top to bottom.

Sherwin Williams Stardew: A Home Interior Makeover

“Sprinkle in the literal touches through smaller decorative items like art, accessories and/or wallpaper, and keep the larger pieces focused on texture or color.” “I love to go all out—especially at a beach house—and lean into the seashells, swimsuit artwork, wallpaper that brings to mind waves, and so on,” says Courtnay Tartt Elias of Creative Tonic Design. “But the key to balancing the kitsch is to use clean lines in the millwork, an adventurous color palette, and plenty of white space in between the pops of color and theme.” Hang a gallery wall of landscapes as part of your spring cleaning to enjoy all year.


The key is to center your living space around a neutral-colored focal point, like this off-white angular couch. Of course, it’s crucial to choose a simple, classic Boho piece to keep the space grounded, such as a wooden couch with pristine white cushions and earth-toned throws. Explore the best interior design ideas & decoration masterpieces with Architectural Digest India. Design your dream home keeping these interior decoration ideas in mind. Their simple lifestyle emphasized minimalism to the max, allowing only utilitarian pieces into their homes, like streamlined furniture they made themselves. When furnishing a minimalist space, invest in functional, clean-lined, and hand-crafted pieces that you know will last a lifetime.

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In lieu of a standard console, consider placing a wooden bench in the entryway. It offers all the function of a standard table while serving as a spot to take off and lace-up shoes, too. To add rustic influence to a small kitchen, remove your under-sink doors and opt for a skirted look instead for some instant elegance. Give visitors a rustic-style welcome by decking out your front porch with woven seating, planters, and more. Whether traditional or flameless, candles are timeless and signify comfort, making them a rustic staple. Why not tuck away unsightly essentials in a woven picnic basket or vintage suitcase?