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When it comes to raising the value of your house, investing in high-quality built-in appliances is a safer idea than purchasing freestanding models. You can always take them with you when you move with freestanding models. Regarding return on investment , purchasing attractive and good-quality appliances is rarely wrong. However, be aware that if and when you choose to sell your property, the buyers will anticipate that any built-in appliances will still be there in the home. The end effect is a clean and polished appearance without any unsightly gaps or holes. Also, unlike freestanding units, you won’t have to worry about the appliances protruding over the counter since this won’t be an issue with built-in units.

In this Washington, DC, home, designer Thomas Pheasant grounded the lofty modern, white kitchen with rich tones in the base cabinetry, stone flooring, and the island’s waterfall countertop . The range is by Wolf, the wall ovens are Miele, the pendant lights are from Holly Hunt, and the stools are from Design Within Reach. Modern rustic interiors mix vintage elements with contemporary conveniences to create a homey mix. This guest house kitchen from Marie Flanigan Interiors includes modern cabinetry, rustic open shelving, and a French butcher block in place of a kitchen island for a modern space with a timeless feel.

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Modern kitchen design is all about transforming your contemporary kitchen ideas into reality. Yes, moodier kitchens are coming back, but not the overly brown and monotonous feelings of Tuscan kitchens in the early 200s. Maybe you like the look of sleek white cabinets but also prefer some warm wood tones. The custom paneled oven hood and wood shelves add natural warmth to thiscontemporary kitchen by CM Natural Designs. Slab doors—as shown on the two-toned cabinets in this gray-and-white kitchen by Idea Space—are a hallmark of the contemporary style.

  • With an ever-growing focus on sustainable materials, the use of locally sourced natural materials offers an appealing and low-carbon solution for home interiors.
  • I hope this has helped give you some ideas and information about kitchen design and kitchen layouts.
  • You can cut directly on them, they won’t dull your knives as quickly as other surfaces, and they’re easy to restore with mineral oil.
  • These are hand-painted tiles, traditionally in whites and blues, that often depict flowers and wildlife.
  • Leaded-glass doors on the upper cabinets further the vintage style and provide breezy counterpoints to solid base cabinets.

One volume features a red-stained pine exterior while another is clad with an earthen clay plaster, bringing earthy tones to the open-plan kitchen and dining area. Materials and artisans were employed locally to build the home, which features pink-toned rammed-earth walls and terracotta floors created using rice flour. A combination of tactile materials and clashing colours were used to add character to the kitchen and dining area in this extension in north London completed by architecture firm AOC. With an ever-growing focus on sustainable materials, the use of locally sourced natural materials offers an appealing and low-carbon solution for home interiors. The cost of a kitchen remodel varies according to the size of your kitchen, your choice of finishes, materials, and appliances, and the cost of labor in your area. According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost to remodel a kitchen is about $150 per square foot, with a typical cost somewhere between $14,614 and $41,392.