12 Funky Home Decorating Ideas That Will Make You Gasp


It might seem like endless variations are available when it comes to lamp shades. A lamp’s bulb and harp (the two-piece element used to secure the frame) should remain hidden from sight. If you unearth the right shade but it sits too low, buy a shade riser. A shade riser is a postlike adapter, available in varying sizes from 1/2 inch to 2 inches, that screws into the top of the harp to lift the shade so it sits higher on the base.

  • From woven blankets and embroidered pillows to handcrafted area rugs, textiles play a crucial role in adding warmth and texture to your interior.
  • And be sure to keep your stains consistent from room to room, too.
  • Indian textiles have long been revered for their intricate craftsmanship, opulent patterns, and luxurious feel.

Etsy offers a large selection of handmade items, plus antique and vintage pieces, all sold by small businesses. There’s no shortage of unique pieces like Moroccan rugs, wicker furniture, and one-of-a-kind art. A sprawling sectional acts like a cloud of comfort, decorated with patterned pillows for boho style playfulness. Culturally, Bali is very different to Australia, but we do share similarities when it comes to some climates and love of the open-air lifestyle. The line between indoor and outdoor living is continually blurred due to its hot and often humid climate, in addition to its scene-stealing natural environment.

Clean Lines, Tonal Color

If you can center them perpendicular to a fireplace, even better. “Adding an area rug will define a space and help create visual breathing room as you transition from space to space, especially in open floor plans,” Bailie says. “Step back to see where you want to place the decorative items and visually ‘hopscotch’ where you place your décor into the shelves,” Bailie says. “Balance your space with a large-scale statement piece of art or a clean vertical row of frames with curated personal images,” Jenon Bailie, merchandising and design director at Room & Board, shares with us. You can often find better lighting from big box stores by shopping their online selection. Try using a purchased stencil or a stencil made from cardboard or projected using an overhead projector to get a lovely pattern, on a tight budget.

  • But the right shade can wake up a room like a touch of blush on pale skin, adding a healthy glow that feels natural and understated, like this rosy bathroom from Cathie Hong Interiors.
  • On the next page, learn how to achieve balance with decorating.
  • Bali has definitely influenced Australia in its growing affinity for comfortable, yet stylish outdoor living spaces.
  • In Indian culture, textiles hold great importance as they are believed to bring positive energy and prosperity into the home.
  • Interior designer Alvin Wayne decorated the corner banquette in this New York City apartment eat-in kitchen with an oversized semi-abstract color photograph hung on a dark wall to make it a focal point.

“I built the side shelves and made texture art above the fireplace mantel to bring warmth to what was bare,” Amanda of design blog Dwellaware explains. We’re completely obsessed with this pink couch and overall living room setup from House of Harvee. By adding these soft and sweet elements like the floor pillows and fresh blooms, House of Harvee was able to create a welcoming and soothing space that feels like a warm hug. Demonstrate your decorating acumen by picking pieces from At Home’s home decor collection for every corner of your space.

What can I do to decorate my wall?

The specialist motif range, including nature-inspired designs like frangipani and bamboo, adds an organic charm to their creations. A beacon of creativity, Jenggala Keramik captures Bali’s natural beauty and cultural essence in every timeless piece, making it a go-to destination for those seeking inspired and elegant homeware. Choosing a paint color can be tough—in large part because the same color can look very different at different times of day, or when different lights are turned on. But Jennifer J. Morris, interior designer and principal at JMorris Design, has a clever trick that can help you feel more confident in your color choices.

  • Don’t be afraid to include shapes and figures that playfully reference the seaside.
  • You don’t need an entire lounge set to make the exterior of your home feel welcoming.
  • Look for an option that’s striking, but practical—after all, you still want to be able to check your reflection whenever you need to.
  • Then layered lots of textiles to soften the polished concrete surfaces,’ she recalls.

Mix and match your favorites to create a space that’s uniquely you. “I wanted more than anything for this room to be comfortable and approachable,”Christina Kim of Christina Kim Interior Design explains. “We installed smooth beams on the ceilings and tied in the same wood tones on the frame of the chair, mantel top, even the frame of the art to carry the warmth through the room.”