12 Luxury Modern Kitchen Design Ideas to Inspire Your Renovation


If you can avoid losing the storage, replacing wall cabinetry with shelving really opens up a kitchen and provides the perfect space to add a ton of character to the space. However, we are noticing a shift towards darker wood, or at least a shift to really grounding woods with plenty of darker colors. In the realm of interior design, the distinction between indoor and outdoor living spaces is becoming increasingly blurred. As homeowners seek to connect with nature and embrace the beauty of the outdoors, designers are exploring innovative ways to integrate landscape elements into interior spaces.

From sleek and modern interiors to classic and timeless designs, there are endless possibilities for decorating your yacht’s living spaces in a way that is both functional and fashion… The kitchens became even more sleek and modern, and they started to use more exotic materials such as wood and bamboo. In the 1980s, kitchen design started to return to its traditional roots. Kitchens became more rustic and traditional, and they used more natural materials such as stone and wood.

Unique Tiles

Organise the layout so the largest wall is parallel to patio doors, or incorporate a large window, as in this design. “Very often, small kitchens are found in Victorian-era houses and these tend to have taller than average ceiling heights so you can compensate for the lack of area by having more high-level storage.” Unlock the secret to a flawless kitchen remodel with Cincinnati Kitchens’ expert cabinetry installation. Explore our blog to learn how precision measurements, professional tools, and skilled techniques ensure seamless cabinet fitting.

In contemporary settings, fluted patterns can be used to provide 3D interest – just enough to add character, while retaining the simplicity required to work in modern designs. ‘We’ve even started hanging pendants in front of the sink area in lieu of sconces over top or to the side for something a bit more European feeling,’ she adds. Cleverly positioned lighting can also hide a multitude of sins – making a small kitchen appear larger, disguising awkward architecture or compensating for poor natural light. Your choice of kitchen tile can really elevate the space, and you don’t have to go bold in order for them to become the focal point. A subtle print, or even texture can have just as much impact as color.

Ditch The Basic Sink For a Black One

Today kitchen design is a focal point and feature not just a utilitarian space. Looking at this kitchen, you can immediately tell that it oozes with a professional flair as if it is owned by a chef. It has brilliant matte blue cabinetry with a modern aesthetic to it that goes perfectly well with the stainless steel elements and black countertops.

  • Completely flat cabinets blend right into the wall in this kitchen.
  • A sleek and seamless surface can be achieved by employing the use of a minimal cooktop that is concealed within the countertop.
  • All of these factors have led to a trend in kitchen design in the 2010s, and that trend is toward sleek, modern kitchens that are functional and easy to use.
  • Of course bringing these designs, that too in a large kitchen is expensive.
  • “A kitchen island with seating area, preferably in two-levels to encourage multiple types of gatherings, from cooking with company to having a quick bite” are winners, he says.
  • Two cushioned stools tuck under the island to stay out of foot traffic and at the ready for seating.

The level of upkeep will depend on the stone, so ask the retailer’s advice and make your choice based on lifestyle compatibility as well as aesthetics. Neutrals aren’t for everyone and the sizeable cost of a new kitchen shouldn’t dictate that you play it safe. It’s more a case of choosing how and where to introduce color, picking spots that can be easily updated, and introducing shades that mirror the color palette in the rest of your home. Kitchen trends might be ever-changing but more often than not, it’s a blend of styles that hits the right note – elegant proportions combined with modern practicality. This countertop was popular for its sleek design and its ability to resist stains.