15 Stylish Minimalist Kitchens Modern Kitchen Design

Before embarking on a kitchen project, it’s always a good idea to have a good clear out and to take stock of your kitchen possessions so you know how much you need to store and how. As well as using glare-reducing glass and installing blinds, it pays to select paler kitchen countertops that won’t show the effects as noticeably. Solar control glass, underfloor heating and automatic ventilation can all be used to ensure a comfortable environment year-round but will add significantly to your kitchen renovation cost.

  • Note the rounded white pendant lights with a gold interior, tall wooden cabinetry, and gorgeous marble backsplash with beige veining.
  • The kitchen of this Long Island beach house features an oversized island in stainless steel and walnut.
  • Double Shaker White Cabinets provide a canvas for your culinary dreams.
  • Opt for glossy white cabinets, marble countertops, and statement appliances in bold colors such as red or black.
  • If you are looking for a budget-friendly way to get this look, they are loads of really authentic-looking vinyl options our there that will achieve a very similar look.
  • The serving window was part of colonial kitchen design that included an ‘upstairs’ and ‘downstairs’ culture.

The modern ideas for duplex buildings and mansions, of which, every single kitchen idea can have multiple sub-streams defining the modern kitchen ideas of different countries, cultures, and traditions. Each sub-stream can be tailor-made into zones with unique functions and considerations. The contrast of the white cabinet face against the brown cabinetry gives a color block look that’s modern and refreshing. Every other design element in this kitchen is kept minimal and neutral to allow the cabinetry to take center stage. Finding Lovely mixed midcentury modern style knobs and pulls made from 95% recycled brass with Shaker-style cabinetry to give this modern farmhouse kitchen a bit of shine. In this kitchen, designer Emily Henderson wanted to make a subtle statement.

Zone an open plan layout with a two-tone scheme

“As the kitchen is becoming the new living room and family room, there needs to be a little of everything,” Blank says. Some designers reported seeing a major increase in interest in smart appliances, while others said clients seem to be keeping far away from the latest, sleekest tech in the kitchen. Either way, designers on all sides have seen peaked interest for tastefully hiding their stainless steel appliances, most often with beautiful wood paneling.

Installing it has the benefit of allowing you to customize it with any attachments and storage options you like. You can choose the kitchen drawers in your house that are best suited to your cooking style. Before selecting a design for your modular kitchen, you must think about how it will be oriented. There are numerous kitchen designs available at Regalo Kitchens to suit your needs. We design, manufacture and install bespoke kitchens, bathrooms and living spaces that are tailored to your every need. Incorporating playful touches into your small kitchen instantly creates more character and dimension.

What color is best for a galley kitchen?

“Even prior to the pandemic, we were starting to see a reconsideration of the open floor plan,” says Andrew Cogar, president of Historical Concepts. After many of us discovered our homes no longer worked for us during those early days of quarantine, the number of home renovation project skyrocketed—and more people began to tap into their creative sides. We’re seeing more kitchens with color that feel less like a sterile restaurant prep spot and more like a continuation of the rest of the home, filled with antiques, artwork, and personal pizzazz.


Clients can select the carcass to be made from an oak or walnut veneered ply or an oak/walnut effect material depending on budget. Another trend that emerged during the 1990s was the use of natural materials in kitchen design. This trend was inspired by the environmental concerns of the time and sought to reduce the environmental impact of kitchen design. Kitchens during the 1950s were very utilitarian in nature and were designed for the average American family. Kitchens during this time were very basic and consisted of few amenities.