20 Bathroom Design Ideas That Will Transform Your Space

Mirrors naturally make a room appear larger so use this to your advantage. A long and narrow room can be artificially widened by placing mirrors along the long wall. Simple designs work well for a minimal feel and create a sense of no-fuss relaxation. While more decorative tubs like claw-foot designs provide a level of vintage grandeur. Deep shades of brown paired with golden lighting can result in a sophisticated and refined bathroom. Remember that bright light colors work best in small areas as they create a sense of space.

  • Lighting is important in any bathroom but even more so in a cottage bathroom where windows are often small so lighting is limited.
  • Remember to strike a balance between customization and maintaining the essential accessibility features.
  • Firstly, having the online variant is a big perk for users who don’t want to download softwares to use them.
  • If it’s space-enhancing trickery you’re after when planning your small bathroom makeover, then this is the decor hack for you!

This retro bathroom from the 1960s is instantly recognizable because of the peacock wall decor and wall sconce. Designing a bathroom can be daunting, especially since it is an integral part of any house. But, we have provided you with a list of some of the best tools to get the task done. While the option from Punch leaves little scope for complaints, getting the cost estimate for the project would go a long way in helping designers. They could realize the budget to actually build or remodel the bathroom. Moreover, the software itself is quite expensive, which is why amateur designers often pass up the chance to use it, despite its professional advantages.

Design Tip

When designing loft bathrooms on plan, it’s all too easy to neglect thinking about necessary ceiling height. Even though bathrooms are often squeezed into the smallest spaces possible, it can still be tempting to cram in a bath, separate shower, twin basins, toilet and bidet. Studio Griffiths gave this wood paneling a dark black stain and then backlit the walls for a sexy glow and touch of drama. “We custom-designed the mosaic pattern to add a bit of character.” Below, design experts weigh in to discuss the main features of an open concept bathroom, various styles of the space that exist, and the pros and cons of this type of room setup.

  • Tiny mosaic tiles of different colors and sizes cover the walls, while on the floor, hexagon tiles create another interesting pattern.
  • Plain concrete walls are back in style, creating an understated elegance throughout your space.
  • You’ll also find expert tips on storage, flooring, tiles, window dressings and more so you can get every element right.
  • Create a spa-like experience with features such as a freestanding tub or a rainfall shower.
  • Incorporating even just one of these elements will easily elevate your own space.

Then focus your efforts into adding impact through your powder room wall decor with a beautiful, bold wallpaper pattern or a few pieces of statement artwork. Different flooring can also be used to create zones – our bathroom floor tile ideas include tips for picking complementary designs. These tiny bathroom ideas go beyond simply making the most of the available space, demonstrating that bold design features can be completely at home in even the smallest of spaces. Finally, make the most out of under-the-sink cabinets for tiny bathroom storage ideas. Besides, you can mount a tension rod to suspend cleaning supplies while having a pullout drawer underneath that provides simple access to additional bathroom tissue. In addition, you can likewise utilize S hooks to hang storage baskets from the bar.

How to refresh your bathroom style on a budget

Adding items such as towels, mats, or bath robes creates a cozy atmosphere. You can add a few unique touches with statement mirrors, vases, or candle holders. Bathroom floor tile is surely a wonderful option for your tub or shower since it is waterproof and cleans readily.

  • Here at Sloan, we’re excited to be on the forefront of safe, hygienic restroom design.
  • “I love this design because it mixes traditional elements with new styles,” the team at Brexton Cole Interiors explain.
  • Your business can’t wait for days to get an answer back from a customer support request.
  • Breaking away from the rigidity of uniform connections can bring a more relaxed, organic look to your tiling.
  • It allows users to see the project in its entirety, getting an idea of what the real-life representation would be like.
  • If you have an exposed brick wall in your bathroom, then you could leave it as it is, clean it up, or even paint it.