25 Fonts for Real Estate That’ll Impress Potential Buyers


Just below the fold are two prominent calls to action, one for those looking to buy and another for people looking to sell. Through these direct calls to action, Ledge & Young quickly identifies who is visiting their website and sets visitors on the right course depending on if they’re a homebuyer or a homeseller. If you’re based in the United States, you’ll want to integrate multiple listing service into your website using IDX integration. This takes a little bit of custom code but is easy to accomplish. Home buyers get to step inside each listing with an immersive video and 360 tours of the space.

Inviting website design by CreativeDezignerOne thing all these website designs have in mind is that they give their services human faces. When you’re greeted by a warm smile, like the realtor in the ReMax web design above, instead of a bunch of buildings or stats, it’s easier to build a relationship with a brand from the moment you log on. This design keeps the friendly feeling throughout the website with icons that make the interaction feel casual, like a thumbs up reminiscent of Facebook’s Like button.

Scot Karp, Premier Estate Properties‍

Eligible A’ Real Estate Design Award winners are provided free of charge exhibition space in the MOOD. No matter how big or small your real estate design, it will be exhibited. Below are some of the categories we have for our real estate design templates. Meet Christina Woollen, a dynamic real estate broker with a passion for people, design, and property investments. Born in Toledo, Ohio, and raised in Charlotte, NC, Christina brings a diverse background and a unique perspective to the real estate industry.