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Alan’s multilingual abilities have helped him to connect with clients from diverse backgrounds and understand their unique needs. James’ and his team’s help made it a lot less stressfull to handle both a sale and a purchase at the same time. They showed great expertise which proved invaluable and we were impressed with his commitment to make us fully satisfied. In 2017 my husband and I made the move from Indiana to the PNW having no idea what would come out of it. Fast forward to today, where we have planted roots and are obsessed with the outdoor space and exploring all it has to offer. Professional Realty Services is a licensed real estate broker and abides by Equal Housing Opportunity laws.


The scope of PR Services is not just digital, throughout the year, DesignPRWire visits tradefairs and introduces winner real estate designs to design-oriented companies. Not just sell designs; but join design tenders to give a price quote for design and production of custom real estate design products, services and more for international buyers. The Museum of Outstanding Design, the moving design museum was founded by A’ Design Award & Competition in order to exhibit the award-winning real estate designs in Italy and abroad, internationally.

Collaborating Throughout the Process

Revest, the perfect choice for real estate professionals looking to create a captivating and visually striking online presence. This HTML template is carefully crafted to showcase your property listings in a modern and sophisticated manner, enticing potential buyers and renters to explore your offerings. FindHusly, a cutting-edge and visually stunning HTML template specifically crafted for real estate agents, agencies, and property listings. With FindHusly, you can create a professional and captivating online platform to showcase your properties and attract potential buyers like never before. Sheltos Angular is an innovative Angular template designed to revolutionize your real estate business.

  • They add a lot of social proof to their website simply by using one sentence ‘Over 4 billion sold’.
  • The main requirement was to have a simple, clean and at the same time very “mature”, i.e. without usage of any icons or illustrations.
  • Residential Real Estate Company We are well established in the older urban Denver neighborhoods–very trendy area.
  • Participating in the Real Estate Design Design Competition is easy; first create an account at the A’ Design Award and Competition, login to your account and third submit your design.
  • As grandiose as it may sound, the possibilities with IoT and real estate are truly limitless.
  • Buying land, villas, purchasing off the plan property in Bali or renting a villa in Bali can sometimes be daunting for those overseas buyers and locals alike.

When I am away from the office, I enjoy spending time with my wife Gina and my two children, Trey and Ali. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me today and allow me to put my experience to work for you and your family. Tracing a carefully devised marketing plan is difficult, and presenting it is no easy task either. This time, we have created this new free presentation template that can be really useful for real estate agents, for example…. Search engine optimization is critical for ensuring that a luxury real estate website ranks well in search engine results and attracts organic traffic. Conduct keyword research to identify relevant search terms and phrases used by potential buyers, and optimize website content, metadata, and image tags accordingly.