28 best real estate website designs that make you feel at home


Dubai’s flourishing economy has led to a leap in its real estate market. Many investors have trusted this growing emirate which led to maturity in the real estate market. Officials have ruled out any possible slowdown in Dubai’s real estate market because of the, now, more flexible laws and regulations of property ownership in Dubai.

  • Real estate websites have transformed into modern, unique and innovative marketing.
  • It then provides a clean and simple advanced search so clients can easily access rental properties.
  • A grand staircase with sweeping curves and intricate railings is a hallmark of classic luxury.
  • We offer high-quality home design blueprints that appeal to a variety of customers.

If the layout is being created for an entirely new area, be sure that the total area will fit where it is to be built. You can start with one of the many built-in floor plan templates and drag and drop symbols. Create an outline with walls and add doors, windows, wall openings and corners. You can set the size of any shape or wall by simply typing into its dimension label. You can also simply type to set a specific angle between walls.

Types of intellectual property

The key to luxury home design is to create a space that reflects your style while incorporating timeless elegance and tasteful extravagance. These house plans are currently our top sellers – see floor plans trending with homeowners and builders. Renovation projects can be stressful and time-consuming. Our online floor planner can save you time, frustration and money so you can focus on the fun part – bringing your dream home vision to life.