64 Wallpaper Ideas That Will Dress Up Your Walls

A deep green shelving unit offers functional space for a dry bar in this sunny room, while the large coffee table is a visual accent with practical use. An Élitis wallcovering ties together the colors in the furniture, says Boschetti. To show off a client’s collection of colorful glass wall art, Boschetti added subtly patterned wallpaper, a contrasting shelf unit, retro décor objects, and natural leather and floral accents. In contrast to the ornate detailing and fussy design of older aesthetics, modern design is known for its emphasis on sleek silhouettes, functional layouts, and natural materials. Wood and leather accents, organic shapes, and earthy hues make this style a relaxed, practical, and pretty option for many homeowners. The designer incorporated new and existing furniture pieces, recommended changing the floorplan/layout to maximize the functionality of the space and chose beautiful accent pieces that I adore.

  • Whether it’s a Persian rug, Turkish carpet, or a Chinese design, oriental rugs bring a timeless allure that complements a variety of decor styles.
  • Choose carefully crafted pieces featuring characters that convey meaning and embody the beauty of brushstroke artistry.
  • Painting your cabinets isn’t the only way to give your kitchen a makeover.
  • On the downside, halogen lights, which closely mimic daylight, generate intense heat and can pose a greater fire hazard.
  • Sometimes less-obvious focal points gain interest when they are off-center or not placed in the main part of the room.

These are a great starting point, and you can use the array of beautiful imagery on Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration on how to progress these ideas into a design scheme for a room. For example, flea markets, auction houses and second-hand boutiques often stock well-loved, good quality pieces for affordable prices. Decorating with white evokes purity and cleanliness alongside confidence and sophistication and it’s a wonderfully versatile color for interiors. The large-scale pattern of this floor rug makes a design statement, which is balanced by monochrome wallpaper for a harmonious overall effect. Entryway ideas and hallway ideas are often overlooked, despite setting the decorative tone for the rest of your home. Think of your entry or hallway as a room in its own right and not just as an interim space.

Peppy Space

A cozy sunroom is ideal for early spring, when it’s not quite warm enough to spend the day outdoors but you still want to admire all the spring blooms. Here, an assortment of pastel throw pillows creates an inviting seat on an indoor porch swing. An antique bird poster framed by olive green curtains serves as a reminder that spring is on the way. Jessica Nelson Design paired botanical wallpaper with saturated blue cabinetry, black countertops, and aged brass accents for an atmospheric feel in this traditional space. Add a touch of color and pattern to your bedroom with light and leafy patterned wallpaper.

  • Home Basket Bali are representing the simplicity and natural wealth of Indonesia to the world.
  • In conclusion, traditional Indian home decorating offers a captivating and culturally rich aesthetic that can transform any space into a haven of beauty.
  • Do not be shy about displaying a collection of any kind in your rustic home.

Read on for 53 summer decor ideas that’ll brighten your home all season long. The bedroom is meant to promote relaxation, and coastal bohemian style certainly fits the bill for that. This space, for instance, has ocean-blue drapes covering the windows, complete with boho fringe accents.

Pair Red and White

‘Hand-painted tiles can deliver on uniqueness and country charm. The bolder and more interesting designs are created by artists, who have the skills to bring to life memories, places and the natural world,’ adds Grazzie Wilson, Head of Creative at Ca’ Pietra. Renowned for her tailored, practical, and unique spaces, Nashville-based Connie Vernich has 25 years of interior design experience and has also taught historical architecture for the past decade.