31 of the Brightest and Best Kitchens in AD

Given the level of investment, cabinetry is probably the one thing you don’t want to change, but you can always repaint the walls and replace the backsplash in the future if you wish,’ advises Tiffany. We don’t force you to choose a kitchen out of a catalogue – we design your ideal kitchen around you and your family’s unique personality with all the care and personalized attention of a master tailor. ‘Don’t be afraid to use color – even really bright colors in high gloss finishes, such as lime green, blue, lilac or pink. It’s a great way to give your kitchen a boost if you haven’t got a great deal of space to play with,’ advises Adrian Stoneham of Stoneham Kitchens.

  • In addition to a Wolf range, it features cozy built-ins for flaunting dishes as well as some serious bookshelf wealth.
  • Surreal kitchens gave an overall excellent service from the planning of our kitchen to its installation.
  • They have so many uses, from additional prep surface, a place for the sink, a spot for the hob, somewhere for drinks and a place to cook in front of guests.
  • You can make countertops and cabinets the same color for a modern tonal look.
  • In its inaugural episode, Bel and Haas swept onlookers through this exact, textured space.
  • In a galley kitchen, strategically placed mirrors can reflect light and give the appearance of doubling the size of your kitchen.

(The great thing is, they can still be both!) Forgoing trends for timelessness has been the urge of many of our favorite designers for a long time, and the people are listening. “We are seeing a lot of great combinations in terms of color palettes in the kitchen,” says Barbara Sallick, co-founder of Waterworks and author of The Perfect Kitchen. “There can be warm-toned islands, plenty of color and wood in the space, even if the perimeters are mostly white.”

Use Reclaimed Shelving

Elsewhere, a few chairs lend a spot for the rest of the family to dine. Built on a wooded knoll and totally integrated with its environment, you might expectthis home by architect Carlene Nolan Pederson to be furnished in natural tones and materials. Instead, the designers opted to go against the wood grain and add accents of bold cobalt blue along with neutral furnishings.

  • Small details such as tableware, utensils, and other kitchen accessories also play a crucial role in Japanese kitchen design.
  • Contrary to popular belief, not all kitchen stoves are created equally.
  • The kitchen is the heart of a contemporary home, and what better way to encourage gathering than to put in more seats?
  • Statement lighting and bright white walls open up to a sunroom, letting natural light flood the contemporary kitchen.
  • The infusion of color and texture in this space is a kitchen trend that’s here to stay.