40 Bathroom Remodel Ideas That Will Give You Major Inspiration

Illusions aren’t necessarily something you think of when you consider your bathroom design, however, they can definitely be used to your advantage. For instance, a large yet completely subtle mirror is a creative way to make this bathroom look twice the size. The mirror or mirrors that you place in your stylish bathroom can shine thanks to more than their spotless reflection. You can also choose mirror frames that have glimmering finishes in gold, silver, or chrome. Shower-bathtub combinations are classic and walk-in showers are wonderful in their own way.


It gives the illusion that the space continues, thanks to the reflection. Just don’t add a mirror to both walls because two mirrors facing each other will create a weird infinite void of reflections. The ideal size for a primary bathroom can vary based on individual preferences and available space. Generally, a comfortable master bathroom should be at least 45 to 60 square feet, providing enough room for essential fixtures and movement. A spacious bathroom also has extra features, like a seating area, a larger shower with multiple showerheads, or a separate soaking tub.

Fala Atelier transforms Porto warehouse into “house of many faces”

The stunning walnut soaking tub by Aquatica, which was a must for the client, serves as the main character. It’s supported by ryokan-inspired oak paneling, cool Pietra del Cardosa floor tiles, ethereal sheer curtains made from an Ian Mankin fabric, and a playful Michael Anastassiades pendant. Add a modern rustic feel to a contemporary bathroom with wood-effect tiling on the walls and floors, like this space from Michelle Berwick Design. In this design from interior designer Sallie Lord of GreyHunt Interiors, a built-in bathtub and spacious shower are positioned on the far wall of the bathroom. To maximize the space, the bathtub plumbing is positioned against the back wall, freeing up the extra space at the head of the tub enclosure to act like a shower bench for the adjoining shower.

With modern tile technology creating exciting new designs all the time, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Depending on what bathroom tile ideas you choose, tile prices can vary quite considerably from simple ‘field’ or plain ceramic tiles at the lower end, to glass mosaics and marble at the other. A bold floor makes all the difference in this chic bathroom scheme by Shialice Spatial Design, offsetting the white bathroom tile ideas with pattern and deep color.

A Dramatic Color Palette

Add a few items to your vanity and choose a soothing color palette as the backdrop. This hoop yarn hanging livens up this neutral bathroom and a simple small rug incorporates all the colors for a cohesive look. This bathroom features a small, colorful dresser transformed into a vanity. It brings an eclectic look and ties the whole look of the bathroom together. A large cactus, wicker vase filled with pampas grass, and wood details liven up this relaxing bathtub area.

  • Are you thinking of updating your bathroom, shower room, en-suite or cloakroom?
  • A plant like lucky bamboo is easy to care for and adds a soothing aesthetic when paired with other simple decor items.
  • Updating an older home doesn’t mean that you have to modernize it.
  • In a small narrow bathroom, a half-wall shower can help define the shower from the vanity.
  • If you don’t want your whole bathroom to be bold, but want to pack a little bit of punch, think about designing a pattern in your shower like Michelle Berwick Design did here.