45 Primary Bathroom Ideas Designs for Main Bathrooms

Desiree Burns Interiors made this pass-through bathroom feel distinct by adding a coat of minty green paint that adds freshness without calling too much attention to itself. In this luxury Chicago highrise bathroom from Alexis Bednyak Design and Searl Lamaster Howe Architects, a black slab of stone covers the far wall, creating a dramatic focal point. Vroom and Gutierrez have both noticed that secondhand or vintage pieces are more prevalent in bathrooms, either as details like light fixtures and artwork, or as substantial furniture. “I’ve seen a salvaged sink in a powder room, and an early 1900s French counter converted into a vanity,” Vroom says. Bespoke Bathrooms offers a unique, high-end design and renovation service – from bathrooms and kitchens to guest houses, boutique hotels and full home renovations.

  • That might mean sleek tile, a singular color palette, or simply a more minimalist aesthetic.
  • Shape the space you want with different kinds of frames – frameless mirrors will feel luxurious while round ones will make a room feel softer.
  • The weathered look of the tub and exposed beams is juxtaposed with the more elegant marble step and striking white paint, as exemplified by this bathroom designed by Darryl Carter.

That’s not to say these artworks don’t have their place, but in a luxury bathroom, you will want to choose pieces that would be just as at home in a living space,’ advises Lucy Searle. A great way to make it fun without going overboard is to choose a ‘hero’ suitable for the scale of the room it occupies. This could be a single wall of decorative tiles, a feature bath or a key colour, such as the raspberry pink used on the ceiling and bath in this Edwardian house. We’ve already mentioned daylight, but many bathrooms simply don’t have a window and, anyway, we all use bathrooms after dark, so it’s vital also to consider artificial lighting.

Color-Blocked Bathroom

Create your own gallery-inspired look with unique lighting, elegant fixtures, and a large framed piece hung just above a focal point area like the tub. Situate it in a place where it can have a moment, but one that won’t be in a splash zone. This is such a quirky unique look and ideal if you have a modern, simple style. Small tiles have fallen out of fashion slightly recently, but we think this is a bang-up to date way to do mosaics tiles in a more contemporary way. ‘Due to restricted travel overseas, 2020 was the year of the staycation and this trend is all about helping you bring relaxing, holiday vibes into your interior décor. A very on-trend bathroom tile look is to lay your tiles vertically, plus is a great way to add height to your room.

  • Steam showers are slowly becoming a beloved bathroom idea, and rightly so.
  • It also brings convenience to the whole family and acts as a perfect canvas to showcase your design and decorating skills.
  • You can combine several materials and pick unusual colors, but remember to have at least one or two consistent elements to create cohesion.
  • A craftsman bathroom design should include rich wood tones, functional artisanal furniture, and warm lighting.
  • An easy and effective fix – mirrors really help exaggerate space, so simply hanging a large mirror in a small bathroom will make it feel far larger.

“Too shiny, complicated, or cheap materials will draw too much attention, especially in such a small space where your eye will be drawn directly to them,” she says. And whenever possible or feasible, add plants to make the space feel vibrant and alive. Then design from scratch or try out one of our bathroom design templates. If you’re designing a bathroom with aging in mind, you’ll need to create more space. There are also additional accessories and safety features that you might want to consider.