47 Primary Bathroom Ideas to Covet Right Now


A contemporary color scheme can significantly enhance the aesthetic of a small bathroom, creating a sense of sophistication and calm. Soothing, muted colors like cool grays, soft blues, and gentle greens can have a tranquilizing effect, creating a spa-like retreat vibe and clean lines. Keep extra rolls of paper and cleaning products tucked away behind cupboards and in drawers while only keeping the essentials out.

  • “I wanted it to have a modern European and coastal Mediterranean feel,” says designer Lara Fanuli.
  • For instance, a small bath with a conventional shower/tub combo looks even more cramped with a busily patterned, dark-colored shower curtain, no matter how pretty, taking up most of one wall.
  • Adding a window in your shower will help to draw out humidity, even if you just crack it open during or after a shower.
  • In this bathroom, the bathing and showering areas are separated by a tiled panel.

Since Sketchup Pro is a professional tool, one understands why it is expensive. But, this acts as a deterrent to newcomers who might not be willing to spend as much. Having a more generous trial period would allow users to make full use of the features that are offered. Not only is the rendering highly accurate, but Sketchup Pro also offers the right technology, which helps the users gain fresh perspectives while viewing their projects – be it ongoing or complete. Finally, the community of users is very inspiring and share their work with each other. Designers are also given a choice to see their work in 3D at any time, which is a fantastic way to capture a whole overview of the progress made.

Planning Shower Rooms, Wet Rooms and Guest En-Suites

ANDA Design + Build Group has designed a bathroom that will meet your needs. The three-quarter bath, with a sink, toilet and stand-alone shower. Floorplanner’s user-friendliness makes it accessible to a wide range of users, from casual DIYers to interior design professionals. However, like many of the interior design focused programs on this list, if you’re a housing professional who does more than interior design , you’ll need to go with a different program.


It has a door that opens onto a landing or corridor, so you don’t have to walk through a bedroom for access. In some homes, particularly period properties, the toilet and a hand basin may be in a separate adjacent room so that it can be accessed when the family bathroom is in use. ‘A small but well-planned bathroom can be more inviting and comfortable than a badly designed larger bathroom. The key is to focus on ease of movement and ergonomics, so that everything can be accessed without feeling cramped or compromised.