52 Stunning Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Every Style


For vanity ideas try double top on basins and mirrors, allowing movement is crucial in a busy environment such as the family bathroom. This means that your entire bathroom would need to be waterproof. This bathroom layout would only have a shower, toilet, and vanity sink. If you’re looking to incorporate a bathtub in your bathroom plans, then this bathroom layout may not be for you. By separating one end of a long, narrow room with glass doors or a screen to create a walk-in shower, you can build a shower enclosure. This chic and elegant bathroom design is perfect for couples designing a luxury home.


This bathroom design is a perfect example of the minimalist aesthetic. Yes, you can design a bathroom online using various bathroom design software platforms. These tools let you create detailed layouts, choose fixtures and visualize the design in 3D. Cedreo, for instance, offers online capabilities for comprehensive bathroom design. Tile 3D Bathroom Design’s specialized tools for tile layout and design provide unique value, especially for intricate tiling projects. However, for professionals looking for a more comprehensive bathroom design tool that covers all aspects of the space, this software might be too specialized.

Choose Terrazzo Flooring

While PlanningWhiz is perfect for bathroom designs, the software doesn’t provide a price estimate at the end of the project. Though designers know what materials they might need, the cost or budget of the project remains unclear at the time of coming up with the layout. Moreover, the tool is not free beyond a limited period, so newcomers might be put off. The software especially comes with a set of bathroom items that designers can use to make interactive floor plans. It helps them better understand what they’d expect the bathroom to look like. The realistic 3D rendering allows one to notice all details, including the exact dimensions of what’s incorporated.

  • One can now rely on tools of varying degrees of professionalism and effectiveness to come up with the best bathroom plans possible.
  • You can also install a mirror panel as a backsplash for a clean look that will lighten and brighten the space.
  • Now you can easily jam out or wind down with the sounds of your shower.
  • Also they managed to start the work soon after signing the contract and completed the full house renovation within two months as mentioned in the contract.