52 Stunning Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Every Style


Alternatively, they can be used in a clean and modern setting to create a beautifully distinct feature. Use a lighter shade of oak with white walls for a Scandinavian feel. Blue bathroom color ideas will evoke a feeling of the sea or sky.


To give your bathroom that extra pizzazz, create a custom mirrored wall behind the vanity to brighten the room and make it feel more open. Layering a wall with mirrors not only creates an illusion of added space but also adds glamour and dimension to the bathroom. Mirrored walls can also serve as a functional storage solution, with hidden cabinets or shelving behind them. Introducing exotic stone into your bathroom design can be a game-changer, setting your space apart with a sense of elegance and uniqueness. Designing, planning, and remodeling small bathroom designs spaces in India is always challenging as well as exciting because you get to be creative and get to go all out on ideas.

Vitra “willing to take risks” over changing products’ appearance to improve sustainability, says CEO Nora Fehlbaum

Will you and your bathroom be the perfect candidates for a dazzling minimalist setting? Minimalist apartment bathroom ideas are likely to have a neat and clean look, as a result of the absence of bulky materials and excessive storage. Minimalism is a design that might make a bathroom interior design appear sophisticated, modern, convenient, and comfortable.

  • Having a more generous trial period would allow users to make full use of the features that are offered.
  • Whether it’s a private courtyard or balcony space, as above, soaring windows, or even well-placed skylights, it doesn’t get much more zen than this.
  • The final result was exactly what I had wanted, and I couldn’t speak more highly of the team.

Instead of positioning them in the ceiling in a central grid, decide which feature you wish to highlight and locate the down lights accordingly. Another tip one of our bathroom designer Cici recommend place lighting on the walls to accentuate its role in the design to make the room seem bigger rather than placing lighting on the centre ceiling. In more tight areas, look at mirrored cabinets with integral lighting as a simple and effective solution to make the space look bigger. Layering lights and building an option to switch between lights to fit a particular atmosphere is highly recommended by many bathroom designers. When having a small bathroom, one main goal is to make the space look bigger. Which there are many different factors that contribute to creating that illusion.

Channel Vintage Style

It’s a space where you prioritize self-care, find moments of tranquility, and where you begin and end your day. Creating a well-designed space for these important activities is well worth it. “Whether they are in the traditional subway style, stacked, or herringbone they bring a timeless feel,” Newman adds. If you love taking a long soak, you’ll want to invest in a tub for the bathroom—but not just any type. Opt for a clawfoot bathtub or another similar style, and transport yourself back in time as you relax.

  • The stunning walnut soaking tub by Aquatica, which was a must for the client, serves as the main character.
  • While the wooden panelling adds a rustic charm to the space, the white marble lends a contemporary and polished look.
  • This will allow limited pipework making the bathroom renovation process more affordable.
  • In this California home designed by Gary McBournie, the freestanding tub is surrounded by serene decoration and artworks, like the photograph by Dale Goffigon.
  • Accessories harmonize the bathroom’s aesthetics, giving it a finished, cohesive look that is inviting and expressive of individual taste.