53 Modern Bathroom Ideas to Upgrade Your Space


Are Media and its brands may have generated text partially using generative AI. Upon generating draft language, our editors review, edit, and revise it to their own liking. We take ultimate responsibility for the content of our publications. Fittings with a 1920s feel connect a new bathroom to this period cottage.

  • A backlit mirror can create a spotlight-like effect on a gorgeous tiled wall.
  • To help with the issue of heat, we also make the spaces with a high volume to allow as much heat to rise as possible.
  • Using window treatments, bathroom lighting and clever bathroom design ideas can transform your ordinary space into one you will want to spend more time in.
  • Swap out your bath mat for a full-size rug like the vintage one shown here in this Hollywood Hills home.
  • Opt for as many shelves, drawers and cabinets as you can, creating a very organised environment.

I seem to find that a majority of the clients often view these spaces a 150% utilitarian, which can also limit your design options. Yet this is a typology that is often overlooked and under-served when it comes to design. Tiling has officially taken off and there’s an array of stunning, vibrant and classic bathroom tile designs out there. And, yes, you can even extend the trend to your bathroom floor tiles. A black stone soaking tub by Native Trails and an all-neutral palette creates a calming oasis in this Vanessa Alexander–designed bathroom in Venice, California.

Incorporate some essential decor

I think Superior Renovations shows its professional performance and well customer care service to their customers. Especially a big thank you for Kevin, Sunny, Dorothy and Jimmy for all the help, time and effort you have spent on our project. Be aware of where your pipelines are and start constructing a general layout. As mentioned above, it is important to incorporate lighting fixtures that are bathroom friendly. Bathrooms especially have strict design regulations you must follow.

  • So, to help you with your next remodelling, we have compiled 50 luxurious and modern bathroom design ideas.
  • For example, blue-green plus orange and red for tropical flair or yellow plus red-violet and blue-violet for a spring garden look.
  • Have a towel rack for your larger towels and a smaller rack for a hand towel.
  • Combined with RoomSketcher’s powerful customization options, users can accurately represent their desired bathroom design and bring their vision to life.

Once you have your desired bathroom layouts and design inspirations you can create your mood boards and explore samples for possible products. Don’t forget to look into towel rail placement and heating options. No one wants to walk to the other side of the bathroom to get a towel after a shower. Choose one key bathroom design aspect to make it the star of the room. Whether it is a freestanding bath, a beautiful vanity or a luxurious tiled shower. This way your renovated bathroom will have a clear and seamless bathroom design.